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ATWT Opinion Article

By Julio

Katieís plan to win back Mike backfired big time this week. Although Katieís actions and her schemes to win back Mike were hardly honorable and in my opinion she got what she deserved. Blaming everything on Simon, was a childish action, considering they have so much history and have been through so much together. This week I realized why Mike and Jennifer make a better couple than Mike and Katie- Mike and Jen actually take time to talk about serious issues, and discuss situations and the possible impact it can have on their relationship. They are a serious couple, something which Mike and Katie never where. I find Katieís desire to get back Mike completely unfounded, she had chosen Simon before and was willing to never look back- until she found out Simon was responsible for the Pilar Domingo mess. Katie clearly rejected Mike and when her plans with Simon failed she suddenly wants him back and expects him to return to her? She canít have it both ways. Besides I think Katie deserved better than Mike, I cannot forget the awful way he treated her while Pilar was in town. Katie needs to move on and find a better man that suits her, the same way Mike has done with Jennifer.

For once someone believed Will Munson is innocent of the crimes he is accused of. Paulís confrontation with Emily was one of the highlights moments of the week. Now that Paul has found evidence directly linking Emily to Fairwinds this storyline should pick up. Halís lack of objectivity and inability to accept Emily as the guilty party in Rosannaís gaslighting is a clear example of how crime goes unpunished in Oakdale. Barbaraís off at a doctors appointment, and nobody suspects her. Thankfully Alisonís sudden entrance caused Barbara to break the bottle and the drug and her plans went down the drain.

In the second (amnesia is first) most overused plot point in soaps Lucy and Rafael made love, thinking they were never going to be rescued and were going to die. If and when they get rescued will Lucy tell Dusty the truth? I am hoping beyond hope Lucy does not get pregnant and we have to endure a Whoís the Daddy? Storyline.

Benís name was cleared and it was revealed the anesthesiologist, Dr. Winters is the guilty party behind Aaronís paralysis. The conclusion to this storyline seemed particularly rushed, it is hard to believe that Jessica, a tough as nails attorney inspired so much trust in a nurse she confessed the truth about the surgery to her. I was hoping for a trial, where Ben could face even greater repercussions for his actions- not this quick, hurried ending we got. However, I did enjoy their scenes at Metroís New Yearís Eve party, their intelligent conversation proved how smart these two characters can be, however they do make foolish decisions every once in a while.

Julia and Holden seem to be spending an awful lot of time together, which means they are bound for a relationship. I still think Lily did the right thing by staying at the hospital to help a panic attack stricken Craig, as her friend she had to help him and stand by him until he received proper medical attention. Holdenís attitude was out of line, the amount of time he has been spending with Julia he shouldíve spent it with Aaron, whom he has not had contact since he was released from the hospital which was well over a month ago.

Just as it happened during the Christmas episodes, we got robbed of any New Years Joy. Julia and Holden at the Lakeview Lounge was anything but cheerful which is what New Years is supposed to be all about. All we got was Aaron and Alison, no Carly and Jack, no Tom and Margo and many other characters were a no show.
Hopefully next yearís celebrations will be better.

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Page updated 1/19/10

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