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ATWT Opinion Article

By Julio

It was an eventful week in Oakdale, many storylines were moved along, others began and some stalled. The entire Julia-Jack-Carly triangle has been dragged on for too long. I loved this storyline at first but in the past days it has gotten boring and repetitive. Holdenís stupid idea to move Julia to Emmaís farm was the last straw. Holden and Jack are disrespecting Emma and the entire Snyder Family by having her live there. In a way Julia is Jackís mistress (he did marry her however it was not valid because he was still married to Carly) and having her live at the house where family members and loved ones come to visit especially around this time is outrageous. Julia knew what she was getting herself into, many times she told Jack what would happen once he got his memory back. Well, Jack got his memory back and everything she said would happen- Jack would distance himself from Julia and JJ and return to his old family- has happened. She knew it was coming so why does she act surprised and blames Jack for all her misfortunes? The decent thing would be for her to pack up and leave Oakdale before she and JJ get hurt even more. JJ is on my last nerve as well, how many times has he escaped to take Jack on a guilt trip? This week it happened yet again, Julia needs to tell her son to respect the time Jack is with his family the same way Carly and the kidsí respect Jackís time when he is with Julia and JJ.

Rosannaís emotional terrorist turned out to be Barbara who is tormenting her via a hypnotized Emily. Who knew they made hypnotizing teas? Last time I checked a pendulum worked just fine. I kept hoping James would be behind the deeds, it is time for him and Cabot to return and for Rosanna to move on. Each of Rosannaís storylines in the past year have been Cabot related and nothing else. Barbaraís plan is working perfectly Will is taking the blame for all of it, Rosanna and Paulís marriage is in stress over Willís apparent guilt in the happenings and he may just return to live with Hal, who by the way is the STUPIDEST man in existence, his wife has been groggy and dazed for weeks and he hasnít put two and two together? Ridiculous.

It was great to see Henry and Katie back to their old schemes again. Henry has been greatly missed, finally his charm is back. His storyline with Nikki, Mike and Jennifer was an embarrassment. Jennifer is annoying me more and more, she is interfering between Mike and Katie and their happiness. Loved the flashbacks of Mike and Katie making snow angels last year, so much has happened its unbelievable.

Jessica and Ben seem to be on the road to reconciliation. She is standing by him through his entire ordeal with the hospital and a possible malpractice accusation. He has to see her support and acknowledge she maybe one lousy, cheating wife but she cares for him and will do anything to save him, even risk her career by attempting to get the confidential medical records. Alisonís harsh words towards Ben were completely out of place and resulted in a wedge being driven between her and Aaron. Their kiss earlier in the week was sweet and gave the much needed element of romance the show needs.

Last and least: Lucy and Rafael. Words cannot explain how terrible this storyline is. Dusty, Lucy, Rafael and Craig are supposedly going to testify against Dominic for fixing up the fight; however Aaron, who was the injured party, does not have any involvement in this whatsoever! It makes no sense at all, and is going nowhere. The predictability of Lucy and Rafael being stuck in the mine is painfully obvious, I donít read spoilers but I can see this coming a mile away: one of them will get sick by some poisonous bite or another mysterious illness, they will kiss or make love and finally the mine will begin to cave. This has proven to be an entirely predictable and useless storyline. Dustyís electrocution was laughable; he was up and about in 3 hours. Sierra revealed to him she had kidnapped Craig and showed him the TV screen where she watched him. Craigís list of sins was quite impressive, only Barbara or James has a longer list. See you next week!

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Page updated 1/19/10

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