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ATWT Opinion Article

By Julio

It was Christmas this week in Oakdale but it sure didn’t feel like it. The Hughes Family - the core family of this show - was absent from the Christmas celebrations. Instead we got Lucy and Rafael trapped in a mine. I can’t believe I am actually falling for these two as a couple, in my opinion Lucy and Rafael have much more potential and share more chemistry than Lucy and Dusty ever did. Lucy’s expansive knowledge on any subject and a conveniently well stocked mine proved useful as she took care of Rafael’s nasty rattlesnake bite. Looks like they will be trapped in that mine for a longer period of time since their only hope crashed into the ground. Although this storyline is not one of the best it does a good job of involving many characters Lucinda (whom is always an absolute joy to watch), Lucy, Rafael, Dusty, Sierra, Jordan and Craig.

Craig is finally out of the monastery thanks to Lily. Now that he knows his ex-wife was behind his abduction he is out for blood. The reunion between Craig and Margo was priceless. Margo beating and scolding him is what brotherly love is all about; too bad Katie has not been notified of her brother’s return. Although Craig has peculiar ways of showing his love towards his daughter he will stop at nothing to punish those who have harmed her, despite what Sierra said he has every right to be involved in Lucy’s search, he will always be her father and will always be involved in her life.

The Katie-Mike-Jennifer triangle is heating up thanks to Henry’s clever use of an Australian accent. I find this storyline boring and misguided. Katie’s childish ploys demean her as a character, Jennifer and Mike have grown on me and in my opinion they are a better couple than Mike and Katie ever were. I still don’t understand why Katie would want to be back with Mike after the horrible way he treated her during the Pilar Domingo Storyline earlier this year.

Barbara’s plan to frame Will as Rosanna’s tormenter blew up in her face since Will is most likely to return to the Psych Ward than go live at Hal’s. Extreme tension is being placed on Rosanna and Paul’s marriage because of this and my instinct tells me they will not survive it. As Will ran away from Fairwinds he moved in with Alison and Aaron, it’s about time Will was given interaction with characters his own age. Aaron and Alison will help Will uncover the secret about Fairwinds no matter what. Thankfully Aaron came around and asked Alison to stay at his apartment, largely due in part to his talk with Chris, seeing Chris reminded me of how great he and Alison were, hopefully they will find their way back together someday; unfortunately Bailey Chase has been let go and it does not look like Alison and Chris will be revisited anytime soon.

The high point this week goes to the fight between Carly and Julia. Too bad Holden interrupted their little cat fight. Carly’s speech to Jack informing him he has to make a decision showcased her true emotions; she, like most viewers, are fed up with the entire situation and Jack has to handle it immediately. Their heartfelt gift exchange was the sweetest, most romantic moment of the week: a locket for Carly and a new wedding band for Jack. Life is going back to normal as Hal offered back his job at the Police Force. Julia’s interruption of Carly and Jack’s Christmas was too much- JJ can stand being without Jack for a couple of hours; just the same way Parker and Sage had to endure weeks of turmoil without their father. Because of JJ, Holden and Julia became closer. Thankfully Lily has seen the oncoming situation and is set to take action into this matter.

The Christmas episode felt flat, family and friends took a backseat to intrigue and kidnapping. Lucy and the mine should not have been featured; instead that airtime should have been given to Nancy making a speech at the Hughes table as they sit down for dinner or Bob celebrating at Memorial. Alison and Aaron were not shown, nor Paul and Rosanna. Nobody had a perfect Christmas. Thanks to Julia, Carly and Jack’s was interrupted and she managed to separate Holden and Lily even more.

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Page updated 1/19/10

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