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ATWT Opinion Article

By Julio

When will Lucy Montgomery learn to take others advice and stay out of situations? Her involvement in Dusty’s boxing activities led to her being held hostage, now her refusal to allow the police to look for Craig has once again put her in harm’s way along with Rafael and they are stuck in the middle of freezing nowhere. Her relationship with Dusty took away all her independence and ability to reason, she has been reduced to being Dusty’s puppy, following him around everywhere. I was not a fan of the pairing between Dusty and Lucy, however I’ll take “Lusty” over the pairing of Lucy and Rafael which seems the direction The Powers That Be (TPTB) are taking.

Another possible couple may be Sierra and Jordan. Their Christmas tree experience is a typical way to start out a romance. However my biggest question is will this relationship continue to evolve now that Chris Beteem (Jordan) has been fired or will TPTB just drop this storyline? Certainly a recast will be needed if there are long term plans for Jordan, although many fans feel he has no purpose on the show other than the storyline revolving around Rosanna, Cabot and James.

Sierra was revealed as the mastermind behind Craig’s kidnapping- no surprise there. I’m loving this storyline, for the first time in months Craig showed his vulnerable side and broke down when he was literally haunted by the loved ones he had hurt. Now that he has figured out he is being watched he is determined to fake repentance to get out of the monastery and take out his revenge on whoever sent him there.

Hopefully Craig really will turn a new leaf, his character crossed the point beyond redemption when he staged Lucy’s kidnapping, this is the perfect way to redeem him.
Someone who is way beyond redemption is Barbara. She continues to drug Emily who is groggy and under her control. This storyline needs more airtime, I am a big fan of Barbara and love every storyline she is in, but where IS Dr. Decker?? I keep hoping he will show up and attack Barbara, is he planning a Christmas returned or has he joined Susan in storyline Siberia??

The Carly-Jack-Julia Saga may be finally coming to an end now that Jack chose Carly as his true love and dumped Julia. I honestly thought they were over when she signed the divorce papers, a true example of Carly’s love for Jack: If you really love someone you have to let them go. Jack’s amnesia has really revitalized their love for each other and has reminded viewers what makes this couple so great. I am sad to see this storyline finish its course, since I have enjoyed every second of it. It would be interesting if Julia ended up pregnant and things twisted up yet again.

Someone is terrorizing Rosanna with memories of Cabot, this has caused some animosity between her and Will, who appears to be guilty. I’m glad the issue of Will’s past actions returning is being addressed, it is hard to believe no one besides Lily questioned his recovery.

Not enough scenes were shown this week with Alison and Aaron and Mike, Jennifer and Katie. Where is Henry?? He should’ve been there to receive Katie with open arms and catch her up on all the latest Oakdale happenings. Next week should provide more action between these pairings.

High Points of the Week: Carly and Jack being reunited, Craig in the Monastery.
Low Points of the Week: Lucy and Rafael (5 days a week!), Lisa and her “persuasive” conversation with Jack (regarding Julia)

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 1/19/10

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