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As The World Turns Articles Pages

ATWT Opinion Article

Week of June 23
By Anna Banks

This week of As the World Turns left many questions unanswered.

Is James Stenbeck behind the kidnappings of Rose and Lily? With his masked hints such as using the word ďdeepĒ continuously and being very smug about the whole issue, it is looking more and more like he is, and this just makes me very annoyed. Itís like the ATWT writers canít think of another villain. Year after year they bring back Stenbeck, and year after year I wonder when Stenbeck will become old. Since when was he remotely concerned about Paul? And now he is trying to avenge his death.

When will Rose and Lily be rescued from the well? I hope soon, because seeing the two of them in the same place for an extended period of time is becoming tedious. Conversations about being rescued and being found and ďhanging onĒ has already been worn down, and the scene is not getting younger. Every time ATWT makes a cut to the twins in the well, I take a deep yawn. They need to hurry up and get rescued, because nothing exciting is happening down there.

Will Rosanna and Carly make their newfound friendship last? They better, because it was great to see the sisters actually acting like siblings. Itís pretty hard to imagine the camaraderie lasting when something very similar to this happened months ago, when the two agreed it was better to be friends than enemies. Everything blew up in their faces, of course, and they ended up being more of adversaries than they were before. It was refreshing to see Rosanna so vulnerable, and I like the change in the character.

What will happen to Dusty once he realizes that the fake Brackett is probably a Stenbeck crony? Dusty has spent a long time in jail when itís fairly obvious that he has nothing to do with the kidnapping of Rose and Lily. I thought it was hilarious to see Dusty try to explain himself out of murders all week long, and was quite surprised to find out that the Agent Brackett that we all knew was a fake. At first when the fake Brackett was talking to Molly, I thought he was a bit of a shady character, but didnít think of it anymore when he was verified. Hopefully next week we will see what has become of Dusty.

Well Bob and Rick are unconscious. At first I thought Rick could have easily attacked himself to look less suspicious, but when I found out Rick wasnít breathing, I thought again. Why would someone almost kill themselves to divert suspicion? I would suppose that Rick is supposed to be off the suspect list now that he is unconscious, but heís not off mine. Thereís just something about that guy. . . .

Oh, yeah. Why would Bob call the supposed murderer to his office and tell him that he was going to report everything? That just doesnít make sense. If I had found out who the murderer was, my first stop would be the police station, not the murderer himself!

Best scene of the week: Margo finding out who the real Agent Brackett is.

Honorable mention: Craig and Parker having hilarious male bonding.

Thatís all for this week.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 1/19/10

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