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ATWT Opinion Article

Week of June 16
by Anna Banks

This week of ATWT was exciting. Many magnificent storylines kept me waiting on the edge of my seat for more.

First of all, I was happy and relieved that Carly Tenney Snyder and Jack Snyder managed to find their way back to each other . . . again. Iím a fairly recent viewer of ATWT, and became addicted to the show when Carly and Jack were together, around the summer of 2002. At that time could not see the chemistry between them, and thought that they should be over. But the ATWT writers were brilliant in splitting the couple up, because when they were apart, I could really see the fireworks that go on between the two of them and knew finally that they are destined for each other, and are a great supercouple on ATWT.

However, I thought the way that they forced Mike Kasnoff from the babyís birth was incredibly selfish. They seem to be punishing Mike for making love to Carly when it is equally Carlyís fault. For Katie Perreti Frasier to orchestrate Mikeís disappearance during the babyís birth was just cruel. It is obvious that Mike is already desperately in love with this baby, and to view him as an annoyance is wrong. He traveled all the way from Oakdale just to see the baby; could not they have let him see the birth?

On the other hand, the scenes between Carly and Jack when she was in labor were classic. I loved when Carly got angry because the baby had not yet been named, and I thought the name of Sage was perfect.

I enjoy the relationship between Alison Stewart and Chris Hughes. I think everyone is relieved that Alison is no longer mooning over Aaron, who isnít good enough for her in my opinion anyway. Chris and Alison have this spark that just makes them a believable couple. However, I donít like the way that he leads her on. When he visited her at her house, he almost left because she was flirting with him. Why would he come to her house if he were just going to lead her on? That confused me, but I felt better when they kissed. I also donít like the fact that Chris keeps insisting to be friends. Itís obvious that he wants something more, so why fool around? He sometimes acts more childish than Alison.

The Memorial murders are fantastic right now. The police think Dr. Gordon is a suspect, but heís too obvious, and everyone knows that the obvious suspect is never the killer. Dr. Rick Decker is more mysterious, though. For him to be involved in something like this in another hospital is creepy, and I donít know why Susan Stewart is not as freaked out as Alison. Rick also seems to be lurking around in places where he shouldnít be, specifically when the police are discussing the case. The fact that Hal Munson found potassium chloride in Chrisís locker and Chris admitted to setting up Gordo was strange. Why would Chris do that? His story is flimsy and has several holes. The fact that he was practically sweating with aggravation about the whole thing didnít help his case either. I wonder what Bob found in that maroon book. It looks like a break in the case.

Lily Snyder and Rose DíAngeloís kidnapping is ridiculous. This story has so many questions that even I canít keep up with it. Dusty Donovanís many schemes to try to find Lily and Rose have all failed, and now thereís supposed to be a person above Spangler and McCann who coordinated the whole thing. It looked to me in the beginning that Spangler was in this for himself. So where did this other person come from? My hunch is that Barbara Ryan is involved with this, but I canít imagine the ATWT writers bringing someone in totally new. I was quite surprised to see McCannís corpse in Barbaraís apartment, and itís obvious that it was planted there. Barbar never would have invited the police in if it werenít.

Best scene of the week: The kiss between Alison and Chris when they were at the Stewart house.

Thatís all for this week.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 1/19/10

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