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ATWT Opinion Article

by Kat

                Well, it seems our precious Lily has been kidnapped again!  One of the soap magazines, SOD or SOW said she's been kidnapped about 7 times, and Martha Byrnes said the ratings go up each time!  I wonder why?  Probably cause without her and a few others, there wouldn't be a show.  Did anyone really care when Barbara was gone?  Not really.  Her son, Paul, did and look what happened to him at the end.  That had nothing to do with the kidnapping, but it did make things seem like, "Well Rose (and others) did this (kidnapping), but look what Bar-Bar did too (hired Dusty to break her & Paul up)."  All is fair in love & war (so the saying goes).  I liked Paul. 

                Dusty has given Rose a hard time since he came into Oakdale.  Her first instinct should of ruled over all but it didn't.  I thought she was smarter than that...So did Lily.  Lily tried to apologize and take care of a cute pup in need, and look what happened to her!  I know Rose is heart-broken.  I think she should be more than she has been letting on.  Reminds me of Jennifer.  She was sad but not as sad as she should of been when Bryant died.  A reminder to Rose...Stay away from Dusty.  He is no good.  That won't change.  I want the old Dusty back.  He was a slime to mess with Molly.  She's a mess too but that's another story!  I agree with Lily, Lucinda, Holden, and 1/2 of Oakdale....Get out of town Dusty!  (I had to remind you all of that in case you didn't know I felt that way by now!)  LOL  

                O.K. I admit that I don't think Dusty had anything to do with Lily's kidnapping.  I guess if Rose won't give Lucinda's money to the bad guys, kidnapping Lily would be the answer.  First I thought they thought Lily was Rose.  I haven't seen Friday's show yet.  I'm a little behind by 1/2 a show.  That's O.K. cause I'll catch up.  I've always liked Lily.  I even liked her with Simon.  (BTW...I miss him too and his "leave" was the worst I've seen on any soap!)  I bet Holden's about to jump out of his skin!  I mean you don't mess with the Snyder's!  I love when Holden takes up for his family.  An example would be when Craig jumped all over Aaron at his own wedding!  I mean...Stupid move "Craigy Boy"!  Dusty might be able to redeem himself by helping to bring home Lily.  I won't get my hopes up!  I like Rose, but Dusty has to go!!!!!

Thanks for reading,


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Page updated 1/19/10

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