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ATWT Opinion Article

Best & Worst of ATWT in 2002
By Anna

Since the 2002 season of ATWT has come to an end, I decided to make this edition a “Best & Worst of ATWT in 2002.” I admit that I became hooked to ATWT in the summer of 2002, so my judgment stems from that time.

Best Storyline: Molly McKinnon & Mike Kasnoff. Even though I feel that the chemistry between the two has fizzled, they were what brought me into the ATWT family. Mark Collier is a terrific actor, and he is mainly the reason why I stayed and become addicted to the show.

Worst Storyline: The Stenbeck fiasco. Who really wanted to see him back? I found myself hoping for his arrest, and I was gratified when it happened.

Best Couple: Jessica Griffin and T. Marshall Travers really steam up the room when they’re together. Even though they’re not an official couple, everyone knows they want to be. No one wants to see Ben hurt, but come on. Chemistry is chemistry is chemistry.

Worst Couple: Aaron Snyder and Lucy Montgomery. I see no chemistry between them, and I don’t see why the ATWT writers are doing a repeat of the Lily and Holden plot. Jessica Dunphy as Alison Stewart has much more potential with Aaron than Lucy does.

Best Actress: I judge this on how well the actresses on ATWT are, not how many times they’re on camera. Maura West has been incredible as Carly Snyder, and she gets my vote.

Worst Actress: There are really no terrible actors, but Cady McClain as Rosanna Cabot leaves much to be desired – especially when she starts crying. Rosanna looks like she’s laughing when she’s crying.

Best Actor: Unfortunately, Paul Leydan as Simon Frasier will be leaving the show. However, he’s a terrific actor and did fantastically when he was acting as the imposter Simon. He gets my vote.

Worst Actor: Aaron Snyder. The model was obviously inexperienced when first coming on the show, but I admit – he has come a LONG way.

Best Overall Character: Carly Snyder. So much has happened to this woman, and Maura West holds the character above everyone else. Overall, Carly Snyder has been the best character on ATWT.

Worst Overall Character: Hal Munson. Is it really believable that Hal can become this diabolical police officer after Aaron’s head, and then revert back to his old, sweet self? Come on.

Best Younger Actor: Aaron couldn’t really act in the beginning, but he has come a LONG way. However, I love Jessica Dunphy and Alison Stewart. She gets my vote because she has been a wonderful actress from the beginning.

I love ATWT, and I loved giving my opinion to you in the year 2002. Happy new year, and come back for more next week!

Did you like the soap shows this week! Did you like my opinion! Tune in next week for another of what I think, i.e. my opinion!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 8/20/14

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