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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT After Thanksgiving
by Kat

                This has been a good week so far with cliffhangers.  That was nice of Rosanna to visit Emma after Thanksgiving.  Rosanna is really jealous of what Carly has and wants that life so badly that she cried about it at the farm.  I kinda feel bad for her, but don't approve of her tactics.  She and Craig are right for each other. 

                I'm glad Craig and Holden are after their kids and get to them before Hal does.  Hal already tried to get to them once.  He was soooo close and lost them thanks to the students at Vanderbilt.  Way to go guys!  I thought Aaron was a goner,  but knew they still had a few more colleges to go so wasn't sure how things would be played out.  I love looking at all the college campuses.  Just like UNCC they had a band playing.  Alison liked them a lot, and it was sweet of Aaron to dance with Lucy.  If they would have  listened to Alie then Hal wouldn't have caught up with them probably.  Now she feels so left out (and I would too) that she needs a shoulder to cry on.  I thought she would of ran to a stranger and got the police on their tail (accidently).  She called her big sis and mom, Emily, which was the right thing to do and was sweet.  Haven't seen much of Katie and Simon recently.  I hope they do go find the kids for Emily.  She is so worried about her sis and daughter.  I hope she learns to take Katie's advice and get into the Christmas spirit!

                Then we have T.M. Trevors and his story.  James has really made a mess out of people's lives!  I'm curious to see if Ben thinks it was Bonnie or Jessica who is in Marshall's room.  I think he thinks it is Bonnie.  Both were not at Java so his thoughts could be either.  I hope he finds out the truth. I think this week he will. Was shocked to hear he thought Bonnie was having an affair.  Right family wrong woman don't ya think?  I hope Bonnie is so stubborn she keeps digging for the truth.  She's so smart that she told Marshall that's it's the tape (she wants) or the cloak goes to court.  That affair tape needs to be destroyed pronto!  I'm glad Barbara thanked Bonnie for saving her life.  I wonder where James is at now and how his cut hand is doing.  I thought blood was on a cloth in the fireplace at Fairwinds but it was his costume cloak.  Like Bonnie said, "James has made a mistake" (or something like that).  She needs to work for the Oakdale P.D.!  I was shocked when I learned that he wants his son to be implicated for murdering Brandi Taylor. 

                Besides that story, I think the other big one is Molly and Jack finding out about Carly and Mike's affair and having a baby together (or we think so).  I was shocked and glad Carly told Emily about what happened.  She can't run to Molly, and it seems Emily has the listening ear, shoulder to cry on, and the one screamed at by Alison, Carly, and Hal.  I'm so glad she has changed!  Carly has so many issues in her life and has made a mess out of things.  Jack is so good to her and one of the most heavenly men on the show.  Jack and Carly always have problems.  I hope one day they'll be happy.  I couldn't believe when she said he hated Jackie, Jr.  She hates his mom but shouldn't take it out on him. (That's one thing I agree with what Julie has said.) I know Carly means well.

                O.K. here's my questions I want answered (and will get them in the next few days)...Who does Ben think is with Marshall and will he find out?  Also will Lucy and Aaron love each other in the barn loft while on the run? Find out soon on ATWT!

Thanks for reading,

Kathy G.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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