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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Turkeys
By Kat G.

                What a short week for ATWT.  I enjoyed what little I saw.  The best part was when Julia threw the turkey at Carly after she ran away (again).  She is so good at that!  Why didn't Carly just scream so Jack could come back and grab his ex.?  Well that's a soap for ya!  The shocker was to discover Dr. Weisskoff is actually Julia's dad!  I never thought he'd say his daughter was nuts and needs to be reinstitutionalized.  I thought her mom was paying him good to keep their daughter away from that place. Was happy to see him tell Jack and Carly he wanted her back in therapy, and she was different away from his lessons.  It's about time he figured that out!

                The funniest part was when the couple told Margo they knew Julia was in Turkey (since she gave Carly back hers from her fridge).  Even her lawyers were snowed in by her (Julia's) charm at the courthouse.  I couldn't believe when she ran off in a judge robe.  How slick!  What a nice fake faint, too!  Thank goodness for the judge having patience with Carly.  I can't blame her for arguing with the judge though. She knew Julia better than all of them. 

            The worst part was Jack finding out he was the father of little Jackie then Julia barging in on him and his wife rubbing the issue in their faces!  This is just like Julia!  Why can't she leave Jack and Carly alone?  She hates Carly worse than Jack.  The runner up for "worst" is Carly having pregnancy symptoms (cramping and nausea).  This is not good.  For goodness sake girl blame Jack for this too just like Julia is doing with Jackie, Jr.  Actually I don't want that to happen but it could.  She kept saying to Molly "I can't be pregnant.  A baby right now wouldn't be good (because it would be another one around the house)."  Jack would be thrilled and she and Mike would have another little one together (that hopefully would survive this time).  They've been having Nora flashbacks.  What a messed up like Carly has (and always had).  What a good man Jack is.  He is trying to keep his family together and always been faithful!

            Other news of the week was the "Oakdale Three" in my state!  It was great to see what I saw live at UNCC two months ago.  Let me tell you all something though.  About 6 hours of taping ended up being just a few scenes (and minutes) for one day on T.V.  It went by so fast that I had to watch it a few times to catch it all.  I missed a few scenes when I saw them tape the show in-person 'cause of having breakfast with Benjamin Hendrickson.  (See the articles and pictures from my "Catch Me If You Can" bus tour.)  It was funny (and I didn't realize 'cause of me, Tiffany, and Geraldine doing our "walk" to try to get taped) that the three teens were hiding amonst the "green" people.  Humm...good disguise!  Well I could keep on and on about that day, but anyhow I also remember Barbara having her Turkey Day with James.  I didn't like her telling him that when he returned from Singapore that she fell in love with John.  James is liable to kill him 'cause of it!  That wasn't smart!  I'm glad Isaac is O.K. from the car wreck and it wasn't funny when James scared Bonnie (like it was Halloween or something)!  No one better mess with her not even Marshall T.  I did think it was nice for Emma to invite Molly and Mike to her Snyder gathering.  She needed every family clan she could get that day.  I couldn't believe Holden ran after the teens (before Hal could get them) and not stay for turkey.  I understand him wanting to protect Aaron though. 

            But this was the scoop for our show for Thanksgiving week. Hope you enjoyed reading!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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