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ATWT Opinion Article

"Trouble in Oakdale--Julia, Oakdale 3, & James"
By Kat G.

ATWT is getting good lately! I can't believe what has happened. I think the biggest shock was Julia's return. I wish she had stayed away but I knew Anne P. was coming back to the big screen. She's a talented actress but I don't like her character. I like her hair better now, but even that won't get Jack to love her again. She's trying to charm her way back into his life and act like a new, improved, motherly type of person...but it's all an act and he with Carly can see right thru her. I'm glad Carly knows about baby's development patterns. Smart cookie here! The mommy training came in handy! I can't blame her for the bad blood shed with witch Julia. Her shrink follows her everywhere. I'm sure he's getting paid by Mrs. Lindsey to take her daughter's side always. The "good girl gone bad" switched blood samples of little Jackie's real daddy with Jack's, so it will appear (soon) that the father is indeed Mr. Snyder! What a low-life lady we have here. O.K. so what do you think? I mean did Julia not get pregnant or did she loose the baby later after getting pregnant then had to take one (maybe adoption or stealing)? This is something to think about and we may never know until years from now. You know how it is in soap opera world! Carly has enough to worry about with keeping Jack and Molly from finding out about her and Mike's affair. She has issues from many sides to deal with.

Times are drawing near with the "Oakdale Three". I love that cool name! They've been lately to the colleges of PA. and MD. I thought Lucy and Alison playing frisbee was a nice, fun break for them. Aaron looked cute dressed like Peter Cottontail. Leave it to Alison to party. The guys seemed nice though. It was sweet of them to let them stay in an extra room. They needed a nicer place to sleep. I didn't know what to say about the turtle. I have never known a turtle to be a mascot, but that's O.K. I like other sea creatures like dolphins to be a mascot too. These teens are smarter than the Oakdale P.D., but that doesn't take much! But I'm enjoying all the colleges. My state is next Monday! I can't wait. Maybe I'll be on T.V., too. :-)

James is a nasty, old rascal. He's another I wish didn't come back. No one likes him in Oakdale. I can't believe Jess let Marshall win the election. Now he has to defend James Stenbeck! I can't blame Paul for wanting to cut a deal. His dad wants to hurt Barbara's two sons though. How awful this is! Bonnie is sweet to help Paul but she is on James' hit list now and that means death if she doesn't leave him alone. She is being too nosey and he doesn't like it. I hope she continues to play investigator help. Paul needs all the help he can get and no one is willing to do that but her. She's smart and can figure things out. I can't blame Isaac for getting mad at Marshall for several reasons. Marshall shouldn't have touched her, but he was trying to warn her stubborn brain to leave any Stenbeck alone. Humm...wonder what will happen next??

Tune into ATWT daily to find out the answer to that question and to conclude the stories above. We shall see what happens next!

Thanks for reading,

Kathy G.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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