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ATWT Opinion Article

Jack & Carly Snyder's Wedding
By Kat G.

Well it finally happened! I didn't think I would get to write about the marriage reunion of Jack & Carly Snyder but I can! Hallelujah! All fans of the couple can celebrate on the day of October 31, 2002 (and afterwards). As we all know, Jack called off the wedding a few days before the planned event (or a week or so in our time) because Carly was too involved in letting the press handle the wedding and honeymoon. I can't blame Jack for getting upset, but this would be good for "Monte Carlo". He also got frustrated 'cause Craig was involved in things. When it comes to Carly, he and Jack will always be in the middle of things with her! Lucky gal, huh? :-)

So the couple told everyone they will finally tie the knot. I thought things would be over when Henry heard Carly and an unseen man having a grand ol time at "Monte Carlo". He told Rosanna and she threatened to spill the beans if the bride didn't tell her groome the truth. Craig had an alibi for that night so she knew it wasn't him. We all know it was Mike! He and Carly were so afraid the whole day of the wedding, as right they should be! Can you believe her love for Jack didn't shine thru the night before? She was right in saying getting drunk was no excuse! Rosanna was like (paraphrasing), "Be afraid; be very afraid (of me)!"

O.K. now for the romantic stuff....I loved the white flowers surrounding the wedding. The vows were sweet. The couple kept rushing the lady minister 'cause they knew the words to say and how to act after marriage, etc...and they (esp. Carly) were ready to get things over with. It was short though. After all they've been through you would think they'd want a long version. Carly was so glad the ceremony was over that she said, "Finally!" Rosanna let her marry Jack! Wow! I can't believe it's over either. Also I'd like to say that Parker was so cute walking down the aisle with his mom. Molly's dress was pretty but didn't like the flower on it or the dark choker on her neck. It was a black choker I think. The flowers she and Carly were holding were pretty also. Carly's dress was so beautiful! I especially liked the bottom of it 'cause it looked like huge white (or off-white) roses all around it. It was unusual but that's how Carly's Creations seem to be. (Hummm..that would have been a good name for "Monte Carlo" instead! See my essay about that also.) And the cake...well we didn't get to see it really until after the reception (at Jack & Carly's) and I missed that (but still have it on tape). It was tall and white though. That sounds boring but like I said...we didn't get to look at it good until later. Mike & Molly got a taste of it's sweetness after everyone left the room.

The biggest surprise (as we already know) is when Carly threw her bouquet it slipped out of Molly's hands and into the clutches of Julia L. Snyder! I didn't like her red and black hair. She looked like the bride of Frankenstein. I liked her red dress though. She showed up on the right day (Halloween). Oh what a scary sight to behold! Carly's face looked so mad and hurt. As Julia was being kicked out (and sorta arrested), she had to break the news of her son arriving to greet his father! The happy couple was stunned! Now this shuck everything up! The four of them were taken to another room to discuss things. In and out they went like a revolving door. Little Jackie (Jack Snyder, Jr.) was so adorable! Jack tried walking out of his son's life but couldn't. Julia knew this. He finally decided to put her in jail and take the baby home with him and Carly (on their honeymoon night). I must commend the couple (esp. Carly) for doing this great deed. They have been through so much with Julia and this just takes the cake!

Thanks for reading,

Kathy G.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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