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ATWT Opinion Article

Week Of October 28
By Kat G.

How'd you enjoy ATWT this week? Actually, I've only seen a few days and read about the others, but of what I know it's been a great week! How would you rate it? Let's see...there's been Carly with Mike, and Molly talking to Jack. Then there's Aaron with Lucy and the whole Marshall Trevor's thing. I would say those where the main people playing out this week. So let's take a look at what happened shall we?

I was so surprised Jack called off the wedding to Carly! I can understand how he felt about the change in honeymoon plans and inviting the press along to everything (including the ceremony). I can also see how he hates Craig involved in Carly's career (which he hates more since they've "been" together). But to call off the wedding of the love of his life? Come on Jack! Listen to Molly! Carly loves you despite her actions sometimes. Now don't think "how can she when she slept with Mike?". Well I don't understand that either but it did happen. Molly and Mike break up after learning she donated the $ to the hospital burn unit. (Where has Chris been anyhow?) I don't think Mike thought things through. I think he was just upset at Molly for acting a little like Rosanna, and didn't think about his life without her. Mike railroaded Carly who was already drinking her blues away after Jack dumped her. Now drinking isn't the way to go, Carly! Now she and Mike leaned on each other after breaking up with their beloved ones, and Carly woke up next to Mike at Monte Carlo. My oh my! I'm speechless! It was kinda cute when Henry thought he'd take a peek at the couple but a security guard stopped him. Thinking she was with Craig, he ran to Rosanna to tell her the not-so-startling news. "Now get proof!" is something like Rosanna told Henry. Carly should tell Jack she was hanging with Mike that night before Rosanna or Henry tells it all! See it doesn't matter whom Carly was with. The fact is..she was with a man and that will make Jack furious!

Now we move on to the first college (in St. Louis) of the "Catch Me If You Can" bus tour of Aaron, Lucy, Craig, Hal, Alison, and Holden. I enjoyed watching the Webster University teens act with the 3 ATWT teens. As Aaron said, "The campus is pretty". I agree. I didn't know he had friends there. I thought the other 2 teens were going to rat on Aaron and Lucy since they had seen them on T.V. Wow! Words and pictures get around don't they? What did Hal them all over the country? I'm glad they believe Aaron is innocent. They proved the song right in acting like "That's What Friends Are For" by protecting Aaron. Even when Alison came around they tried to shield Aaron until she saw his red bandana in the girl's back pocket. How observant! I thought it was sweet that Aaron slept on the floor and not with Lucy, and wanted to hold her until she fell asleep. He's such a sweet guy and Agim Kaba (Aaron in real life) is a sweetheart too! Hal and Craig are going to have a hard time catching up with the 3 teens probably. I mean they'll move sooooo fast that I say "good luck boys" in catching them! I don't know how things will end, but it will be interesting and fun finding out as we go on a chase with the cops across the college campuses. It still upsets me that Will is lieing. Grow up boy!

The part I am confused about is the Jessica, Marshall, Bonnie, Paul, James, etc. story. How long will this go on? Is anyone out there besides myself tired of this? I think so. Paul doesn't need to go after his father himself. But then again...maybe he can beat him at his own game. I don't want James to return. But it is too late! Bonnie is trying to help her mom the best way she can. Little does she know about Jessica and Marshall being together. Brandi needs to stay out of trouble! How many times does she get warned and keep bouncing back into it again! Too many! She's working with friends and foes. Wait a minute! There are no "Brandi friends" out there. No one likes her. They are enjoying using her. That's nice Marshall wants to protect Jessica. I would of never thought it! Maybe he's acting. Jess needs to tell Ben the truth or something. He'll find out sooner or later. He keeps getting knocked down after falling in love. I'm glad I'm not him. He needs a real woman! But getting back to the story..I don't know how things will play out, but it's sure to be a real bang with James' involvement. Don't you agree? Spooky isn't it? We shall see...

Well this is the end for now. Sorry to be short this week. Maybe next week it will be longer. Tune into ATWT next week for more exciting coverage of our favorite soap!

Thanks for reading,

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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