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ATWT Opinion Article

The Barn Fire Mystery
By Kat G.

The popular topic recently is "Who started the barn fire?" I missed a few days of the show before it happened, but did see when the fire was set and afterwards. Aaron the culprit or hero? Maybe both perhaps?

Talk to Hal Munson and he'll stand up in court and say "he's guilty" without a reasonable doubt. Craig feels the same, but always has! If Aaron would stay out of trouble, maybe just maybe Craig would have a better opinion of his maybe future son-in-law. What about Lucy or Holden's opinion? Lucy loves her boyfriend and can't believe he did it. Sure Aaron was upset at the mistrust around Oakdale. He keeps getting into bigger trouble by the minute. Holden knows his son couldn't of started the fire. Even Caleb knows better. Maybe he should be brought in to help solve the case. If Hal would let Jack do his job, things would be smoother. Did you see when Hal pushed through the crowd and threw (and cuffed) Aaron to the police car after Aaron resisted arrest (according to Hal) and assalted an officer (or two)? The officer was being rough with Lucy so Aaron got upset. Aaron (to me) is a soft-hearted kid. He's a little rough around the edges but he means well. He seeks to do good. Maybe Caleb taught him that. But then again, he has Holden for a dad so that's another plus in my book.

Everytime there's trouble, Alison is there also. It follows Aaron cause it follows Alison. But Alison didn't start the fire did she? I think not. Even Aaron and Lucy on the show this week said when things are going well, here comes Alison to mess things up usually. She has a major crush on him and I don't think she'd hurt him on purpose. I think she'd really try to help solve the case. Give her a badge and let her investigate. I mean with the way the Oakdale P.D. is, they need all the help they can get! But Hal will be strong on this case since his little boy (Will) is in the hospital. This kid has been thru the ringer.

Barbara (Will's mom) is a mental case. She's been a quack since I've known her. It started back with marrying Craig. Now this can get long, but I'll make it short. When times got rough, she turned to Craig not Hal. Hal and Babs got into fights. Craig wooed her and that made hubby mad. I can understand that since they were married. Then she married the greedy man. She got upset after discovering Craig wanted her bank acct. After burning in a fire, she wanted no one around. Kicking her friends and family to the curb caused her to have deeper pain. Now everyone hates Barbara...or least they are growing to. She's been so wicked lately. She took Will out of Hal's wedding, and then away from family and friends. Barbs has tried to let Will see some friends per the advice of others (mainly Holden). At least that was for his best interest cause nothing else has been reasonable! Can you blame Will for trying to choke his mom? He's been on the run with her since Hal's wedding. Can't she stop fussing? Life is too short to have a fighting match with Hal, Craig, Carly, Holden, Emily, Bob, Kim, etc.

O.K. this isn't about Barbara but about who lighted the barn on fire. I guess Will. He just doesn't know where to turn next. We didn't see it but he was playing with matches....probably Aaron's from Seattle. Didn't that look bad for Aaron, the hero? He saved 2 lives and his own, then got accused for what he didn't do! The stains on his jacket were from his bike not from the barn fire! I mean it's like that's his job or something. Wake up Salem P.D.! Ask Will before accusing others! Oh yeah...well he may lie (according to Luke) but I hope not. He needs to set the record straight! O.K. sleuths...what's your input??????????

Thanks for reading,



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Page updated 11/19/10

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