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ATWT Opinion Article

Margo's Illness (HCV)
By Kat G.

For a while now, we've been watching Margo Hughes suffer from Hepatitis C (HCV). By now, I'm sure we all know a lot about it like causes, diagnosis, and cure. But I'm here to tell you a little more about it and how she has lived with it.

HCV wasn't diagnosed until the 1980's as a disease spread by sharing toothbrushes, razors and contaminated needles with the infected person. Also as in Margo's case, it was spread through unprotected sex from her rape many years ago. Did she know she had it? No. It slowly progresses throughout the body mainly affecting the liver. There are 3.9 million folks out there in the U.S. who have HCV and don't know it cause they don't look sick! Wow! Imagine that! But it does happen like with mommy Judd! Perhaps Margo's rapist got it from unprotected sex with an infected individual, or from a tattoo needle (like Pam Anderson did). Anyone who has had a blood transfusion before 1992 and blood screening was established, may be infected with the virus. No matter how he got it, it affected his victim in a way that will change her life forever!

When Margo found out she got HCV, she was not speechless? "How could this be?" was one of the many questions she asked Dr. Bob and Dr. John. That answer was already answered, but she was already having symptoms--, nausea, loss of appetite, and although she didn't know it--enlarged, tender liver. O.K., on T.V. it's hard to tell jaundice, but it is one of the symptoms. I remember many times she tried to work or get off the couch but couldn't cause of abdominal pain and tiredness.

Thanks to Katie for reaching out her helping hand to help her sis. She left her gorgeous hubby, Simon, and the possibility of never seeing Earth again to do a deadly but life-preserving deed! You go Katie!!! In research, I discovered Heptitis C has no cure! Fortunate for Margo, Katie didn't take "no" for an answer and put on her hospital gown, pulled up her hair, and wheeled off to save the day!!! Were we watching a Mighty Mouse cartoon? Maybe. Super Katie donated part of her liver and that calls for a toast!!!!! With Bro. Craig, Lucy, Aaron, Holden, Tom, Casey, Adam, etc. peeled to the hospital floor, the ladies were sure to get better!!!!! Let's face it...when it comes to family, Craig is right by their side! It's nice to see an emotional side of him for a change.

But what went wrong? Margo was fine but she knew that Katie was in trouble!!!! I think it was like a Lily knowing something was wrong with Rose. It's a sistery thing! Katie almost gave up completely. During surgery I know she was bleeding badly! Thanks to Simon by her side (while Tom was sitting by his wife), his voice of hope came to her and brought her back to life! (Personally, if I saw Simon, I would of followed in her footsteps!) All was better in Oakdale for the two, but they will be sore for a while.

What if there wasn't a live donor? Margo would of died!!!! It's that simple! Hepatitis means "inflammation of the liver." What is so important about that organ? Well the liver does healthy things for our body like converts lots of amino acids into useful forms and gets rid of trash in the bloodsteam like drugs and poisons to neutralize and excrete them in bile, and removes abundance of glucose and will store it until later (when needed). Did you know your liver done all that?? Probably not, but now you do thanks to my research and Margo's illness unfolding before our eyes! Please don't be Adam for me thinking like Chris! I mean I can't help it if she helped me find another topic to write about and gave me pleasure in learning more about Hepatitis C!

Thanks for reading,

(P.S.--Portions of this informative article were taken from the Encarta Encyclopedia on-line.)

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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