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ATWT Opinion Article

Hal & Emily's Wedding
By Kat G.

What a wild & wacky wedding! Did anyone get a chance to see it? This reminds me of a girl's worst nightmare! I mean what lady wants the best day of her life ruined by intruders, party animals, watchdogs, and an absent best man/groomsman? Let's explore what happened, shall we?

First there was the bride's sis, Alison. She was a "ball of fire!" Her fire kept getting lit by her mom, Susan, for one. Susan & Emily have fussed back and forth with each other since Day 1! No, not since Genesis, but since Emily could talk! Why is Alison upset at her mom & sis? That' s easy....Emily used her egg to impregnate Susan so she could have a child. How thoughtful huh? Not according to this troubled teen. She felt even more unwanted after Emily flashed the truth in front of her face. Events like this, getting kicked out of the friendship circle taken over by Lucy & Aaron, listening to her mom and sis fuss, what 'caused Alison to behave the way she did. Her recent pit stop at the jail from drinking, etc., 'caused her to almost miss Emily's wedding. How awful! I can't blame Emily from changing her mind & picking Carly as her new maid-o f-honor! Alison hasn't learned her lesson yet! Let's explore what happened...

Trying to help the man she wants named Aaron who is sorta "back-and-fort h" involved with Lucy, Alison does go to the wedding and made it a disaster! Well not by herself! (We'll talk about her later.) Ms. Stewart now hates her family & sought revenge by prancing around in one of those 192 0's flapper and Harley riding outfits! Where'd she get that anyhow?? Maybe Emily looked the same at some point in her life! Yeah right!! I mean come on Alie, the party hasn't started yet. But you couldn't tell it wit h her loud rock music! Good thing it wasn't after 11 in Oakdale, or else she would of called the cops!!! Oh yeah....Jack was there proposing to Carly in front of Mr. God's Gift to Women, Craig! Alison got dumped by everyone (or so she thought). So did she get Aaron? No way, no how! Sh e biked her way to the limo they were riding in and climbed aboard the "Runaway Express!" That lead her crying in Lucy's lap and dropped off at t he Old Mill. But if that wasn't enough to scare the guests...

Then there was Hal's ex., Barbara! Talk about a fruitcake! She claimed her son, Will before anyone can say "Bar-Bar!" And that's the place she belongs! Anxious to ruin the wedding, get her son, and claim what she deserves (HA, HA!!), Babs pranced in the back yard (of Susan's house) with her lawyer, T. Marshall Trevors, and took the wedding by storm (so-to-speak). Unfortunately her attempt ruined Will's day! She made an ugly scene with Hal, Em, Kim, Carly, etc. I loved when Carly showed Barbara she wasn't welcome! And Babs wanted to sue! Ha, Ha! Think again Barbara! There were probably more cops there then the P.D.! After speaking her mi nd and cutting her hearing off, Bar-Bar left with Will. This spectacle even made Emily come out of hiding and tell Babs her mind! Who would take the best man away from a ceremony but her? And she claims she did it al l for Will! Try to explain that one! I'm surprised they didn't wrestle in the grass like a match between The Rock vs. The Nature Boy!

Then there was Craig chasing his daughter, Lucy, and her secret boyfriend, Aaron. He better be cautious or else she may turn into an Alison! She had to sneak way for a kiss from Aaron. It that didn't bother him enough, then there was the 2 of them racing away in the limo (I mentioned earlier). This young boy almost ended this day with a cop on his shoulder! Can he go anywhere without getting into trouble? Holden is trying to cut his son some slack! Look thing I learned is that if your parents hate the person you're with, leave your admirer alone! (Unless your mom is Sierra.) I thought I was watching Dale Jr., Jeff Gordon, & Tony Stewart racing, the way the teens were chased by Craig. I bet Em and Hal wish they never gave him an invitation (by word-of-mouth)! Think he'll be invited to Carly's? Bet not!

But you know what? The wedding did take place! The minister was late a nd Alison ran off with Lucy & Aaron, but it was beautiful! I think it was too short, but it's only an hour show! The cake was even ruined when Alison dumped the cake topper upside down into the summit! But everyone h ad left so it was O.K. I guess. I'm so happy Margo filled Will's shoes. Even leaving early, she done her job as best person & best friend of Hal! What a real trooper! Maybe we can explore her illness next time. Kati e had even left her hubby, Simon, in Avanya to help her sis out! It's about time she redeemed herself, but I think Barbara is hopeless! The flowers were lovely. I should of memorized every aspect of the wedding since it lasted a week in soap time! would of thought it was a WWF main event! It was sweet except for a few things which you already know about. I liked Emily's dress, too. It was simple and the headpiece was pretty. White was the theme. Does it resemble purity? I think not.

Love had to be the driving force behind this wedding. Yes, love was in t he air, the good conquered evil! How long will it last? I don't know. But I hope Emily & Hal live "Happily Ever After!!"

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Coming Soon--Margo's Illness

Thanks for reading,

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Page updated 8/20/14

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