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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth


Casey and Alison’s relationship my be on the rocks because of something she finds, This couple needs a break. John Dixon surprises Kim and Bob. Nice to see “ole Johnny” as Lisa calls now and then.

Katie is grasping at straws concerning Chris’ health. She wants him to try anything. They agree to do this together, which is nice.

When asked by Casey how much Allison loves him she kisses him.

Finally Chris’ secret is coming out. Now Bob knows.

Chris gets a call that a bed at Memorial is ready for him and he goes without Katie. The look on Katie’ face really made my heart sink.

Reid talks to John about his private patient. Then Chris walks into the hallway, John doesn’t realize the patient is Chris until he tells John himself. John had a look of shock on his face.

Katie and Reid have it out concerning Chris and her part in his care. Lisa tells Bob and Kim that she knows John Dixon is back in town. You should have seen their faces. It was like old times.

John starts examining Chris and doesn’t like what he hears.

As the family gathers to hear Chris’ news, Bob tells them he went over to pick up Nancy. Only to find her dead. Chris is now hesitant to tell them he could be next.


We are now at a memorial for Nancy Hughes. The family meets with Tom to see what to do. Poor Kim breaks down. Everyone is remembering Nancy (Gram) in there own way. Katie breaks down.

Susan and Lucinda remember the bus ride that went nuts. Lisa gets Barbara and Susan to talk. Now thats a switch. Engagements are formed. Katie has a good cry.


Noah is having a bad day. He is having to digest that he and Luke are just friends, poor guy.

Katie is having a hard day dealing with Nancy’s death and Chris’ illness. Thank God she has Margo. She is really being a big help. Though I don’t think Katie has told Margo about Chris. Leaving, Katie gave Tom a weird hug. And Margo was shaking her head.

Chris’ symptoms are more frequent and severe. I just wish he’d listen to Dr. Dixon.

Later John goes looking for Chris who is missing. Margo starts questioning  John, who doesn’t want to break patient/doctor confidentiality. John gives up and tells them to follow him. Later we see Chris outside smiling.

At Memorial, Family gathers for Chris, who is back there. Chris gets ready to tells them of his illness, finally!


Everyone in Oakdale is now talking to Kim about Chris and going to Memorial to be with the family. Chris is asking with family members. Each is not handling it well, which is understandable.

John talks to Tom about a transplant for Chris. Tom goes off to see what he can do.

Kim and Katie have chat. They seem not to be on the same page concerning Chris. Kim wants Katie to stay away. I don’t think it is a good idea. Chris needs Katie and the other way around. But it seems Kim isn’t really upset with Katie, but I see it differently. But they seemed to come to an agreement both are happy with.

Bob and Chris have a father son chat about how long Chris has known.

Poor Katie, goes home and cries. Kim gets angry at Dr Oliver, which is normal. Bob explains Dr Oliver couldn’t breach doctor/patient confidentiality.

Dr Oliver goes to se Katie. In my mind giving her the bet advice he’s given anyone. In short to go back to Memorial. She takes his advice. Bob looks in on Kim and Chris. Katie goes to the cemetery to talk to Brad. Luke talks to Dr Reid. Chris goes into cardiac arrest.


The family starts to gather. Katie is at Brad’s grave. Henry shows up. I am glad he did. He seems to always the right things to her. This will be another sad day in Oakdale.

Kim is talking about the options Chris is given, when who should appear but Katie! This is great! They need each other. Finally Kim and Katie become close. Bob announces a heart available. Barbara is happy to see what Henry did for Katie. Casey announces he wants to marry Allie. Kim notices Nancy’s ring on her finger. Is very happy. John gets news that the heart that was available is not now. Seems a doctor took it for one of his own patients! That stinks!

Katie goes running out of the room. Barbara tells Henry she’ll talk to her.  Seems Barbara just knows what to say.

After Bob and Chris talk. Bob goes to Dr. Reid, telling him that Chris wants him.

This becomes a typical Reid and Chris discussion. Although more about Chris’ heart. Reid leaves Chris’ room quickly. Bob catches up. Reid tells Bob his is coming with that heart. I have a strange feeling about this. Noah talks with him. He wants to go at first. Reid says now. He is needed there.

They profess their love again.

Reid is in his car on the phone yelling at the doctor when his car stops on train tracks. Coming up on Monday, Reid wants his heart for Chris.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 9/3/10

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