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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth


Lily is up to something. She and Craig are still at the castle.

Janet and Blackie are outside this castle. Janet is stumped, so am I. And captured Dusty is in the backseat of a limo.

Jack, poor guy still doesn’t get Carly.

Blackie is giving Janet a bunch of bull.

Craig tried once again to come on to Lily, but it didn’t work. Blackie gets a call, my guess it is that Dusty is near.

Well, Craig and Blackthorn aka Blackie run into each other in the castle. Unknown to Craig, Jack and Carly are not too far behind. Wow Jack shows up when Blackie are talking. Carly and Janet run into each other. Janet says she is with her friend, Blackie aka Blackthorn. Carly tells Janet to be careful and tells Janet he is the same guy that destroyed her company. Janet refuses to believe, poor lady.

Lily puts Carly straight about Craig’s part in the company fiasco. Jack questions Craig about Blackthorn until Craig gets upset and grabs Jack.

Now Lucinda is there! on Jack’s face was something. I think Jack thought Craig had it in him to grab him like that. Good the guys back off. Craig explains he was not to lame, that it is Blackthorn.

Now Lucinda is there. Craig runs into before getting on the elevator. What a showdown! Craig tells he knows all!

Janet tells Jack she is fine and to go home. Jack knows better. What a guy.

Jack and Carly back together again! This makes my day. That is until he uncovers a coin. Dusty questions Blackie, good!

Lucinda goes to a hotel room and an old friend calls her by her given name! Turns out he is Uncle Ralphie.


Now I am really worried for Lily. Lucinda wants an old friend to “fix what was botched”.

Meanwhile Dusty is fighting to get free of the thugs that have him.

Looks like Lucinda’s friend knows her better than she knows herself. She wants him to do something for her and she is leaving info out. And he knows it.

Jack calls Margo. Doesn’t tell her much. He should know that is not a good idea. But  she agrees to help if she is kept informed.

What a shock to Blackie. The guy he is calling shows up right in front of him as Uncle Ralphie!

Lucinda pushes Craig in the pool. And tells him he can’t have her daughter.

Ralphie is not happy with Blackie and tells him to go back to Chicago, Good!

Loved it when Lily saw Craig all wet. He tried to explain. She takes off.

Jack questions Janet about Blackie. Janet is still defending Blackie. Blackie threatens Jack a bit after. I wonder where this is going.

Blackie then goes to see a tied up Dusty. Poor Dusty.

Janet starts to  open a door and then sees Blackie, she also hears commotion in the room and questions him. Blackie doesn’t know what to do . Poor guy.


Whao! What a kiss Craig and Lily were in! I like Stuart Damon as an actor. He is really good. I can’t believe he is pulling this off.

Blackie takes off with Janet, who looked like she’d had a contraction.

This is funny to see Craig come can to Lily.

Jack and Carly on Janet’s and Blackie’s trail. Loved how Dusty broke free and knocked the gun out of Blackie’s hand, Awesome!

Holden and Faith having a heart to heart about Lily is really nuts because neither listens to the other.

I am glad things turned like they did. Blackie is in trouble now. Dusty is free and Carly helps Janet by calling for an ambulance.

Jack is snooping. He finds Ralphie. Jack figures out that Ralph is behind everything. Ralphie is feeling so good about himself.

Jack’s brother was killed, Jack blames Ralph(ie). Carly made a bad move coming in to the room as Jack was going to shoot Ralphie, but thank God Jack didn’t.

Lily is home and heads to the farm to talk to Holden. I find that progress. Craig pegs Lucinda that she was the ringleader. But Ralph covers for her. Can’t believe it! Dusty and Janet are back together again. Loved  when Jack told Dusty and Janet, Blackie and Ralphie were going to prison. Dusty tells Jack he owes him. Jack’s reaction was cute. That he’d find a way. You had to smile at that one.

Carly questions Jack about not pulling the trigger. I like that he said it was her that stopped him. They make love on the bed!


Looks like thins in Oakdale are getting back to somewhat normal.

Barb and Henry are in each others arms.

Earlier, Gwen and Emily had a nice chat.

Chris confront Reid and Luke about confidentiality.

The look on Paul’s face when Barb said she was marrying Henry was stoic. Then he went into the do you know yourselves enough speech. I say leave them alone. They will make it.

I just love Gwen and Will. They are so cute together.

Reid suggests a cardiology appointment. I think Chris is crazy hiding this.

Henry earns my respect. He stood up to Paul.

Will and Gwen decide it is time to leave town. I am sad. Parker is too.

Chris is asked by Katie to move a bench and almost faints. Katie questions him and he says "I'm ok”. Yeah right! Then to top it off, Katie sees Chris in the  ER with an oxygen mask on his face.

Poor Barb, I she is so confused thanks to Paul. Henry finds her and lets her talk. Good guy, that Henry!


Chris makes excuses, but Katie questions. She is getting wise.

Oh boy! Barbara’s and Henry’s relationship took another nose dive. If he loves her, marry her! Now she’ll marry him?!

Meanwhile, Bob has asked Chris if he wants the research project. Bob doesn’t even know Chris is ailing.

Barb and Henry ask Chris and Katie to stand up for them, good choices. Paul shows up with Emily, not good since Paul was against it. Barbara sees James! Oh boy! Katie catches the bouquet. Loved the talk between Barb and Kim about Barb mother.

Finally! Chris tells Katie he is not well!

Well this is how I like to see an episode end. Paul and Emily in each others arms and Henry and Barb slow dancing to a 70s song. 

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 8/27/10

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