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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth


Gabriel meets up with Liberty. I am glad they can talk. Janet is with Blackie and Jack shows up. What is with that? Here we go again with Holden and Craig fighting over Lily, and she is standing in the middle. I am glad she spoke up and stopped it. Carly meets with Blackie, very interesting conversation going on. I am wondering if Carly is trying to get the goods on him and whoever is behind the debacle in France.

At the farm, Gabriel shows up with Liberty. Words are spoken between guys.

Carly is caught red-handed with a camcorder and Blackie gets angry. I know he is hiding something now.

Jack rescues Carly and Janet appears as Jack is threatening Blackie. Janet defends Blackie. Carly was shocked.

Anther father/son talk between Craig and Gabriel.

Love Libertyís new look.

Carly in front of Janet tells Blackie she knows he is the one that sabotaged the company.

Craig tells Lily the awful truth, that  Lucinda is behind the sabotage of the company all because of Craig.

Gabriel tells Liberty about him and Craig getting closer. Liberty is happy for him. That was a nice scene. You could see Liberty happy for Gabriel.


Luke and Noah say goodbye. It is a shame. I liked these two.

I am getting so sick of this thing with Barbara. Enough already! Now Emily is hostage along with Barbara.

At Oakdale Hosp, Katie is there for moral support for Chris, which I find nice. Dr Oliver on the other hand is a jerk when he gives Chris bad news. Chris says he is going to fight. Good for him.

Now Iris is pretending to be Barbara and calling Barbís banker, Milburn. Geesh. Will this lady realize she canít pull it off when she then goes to meet one of the bankers? Henry catches her in the act. WTG Henry!


Kim and Bob meet. Kim is still worried about Dr Oliver as I think she should be.

Katie feels she is seeing two faces of Chris and wonders is he is on something. I think Chris should tell someone something is wrong.

Scary situation with Barbara and Emily, when sparks fly and I mean the electrical kind. Hope somebody figures out where they are fast.

And Iris is still lying through her teeth. Will questions her about going around town acting like Barbara.

Henry calls Margo and finds out someone has been using Barbaraís credit card. Now everyone is believing Henry, that Barbara just didnít take off, especially how much it was used.

Iris goes to an AA meeting, hmm, that is interesting. And with Gwen.

Chris and Katie and Dr. Oliver and Luke, Bob and Kim meet up. Chris still keeps his secret about his health.

Thank God, Henry, Will and Paul found Barbara and Emily.


Katie is getting suspicious with Chrisí every ouch. I wished heíd tell her.

Emily hears Iris escaped. She is not happy. I wonder why? Could it be everyone was at first blaming Emily for Barbara's disappearance? I think so.

Chris tells Katie it is not a big deal! When you almost keel over in front of your girlfriend for no apparent reason, it is a big deal. Now everyone knows Barbara is safe.

Barbara is crazy for dropping Henry. He is the only good man in her life.

Chris checks Barbara out while listening in on their discussion. I am glad Barbara is letting him speak about how he feels.

Gwen sees Iris take a drink. That shocked Iris. She didnít even know Gwen was there.

Gwen tells her she knows that Iris kidnapped both Barbara and Emily.

Barbaraís place is broken into. Now I wonder who it could be? Could it be Iris? You bet!

Now Katie visits Barbara. Not Barbaraís day. This visit is with Henry. Katie feels Barbara hurt him by ending their relationship. Katie tells Barbara that Henry never gave up on her. Barbara doesnít look at Katie but starts to smile as Katie talks about Henry. I liked that. It shows Barb does still have feelings for Henry. It must have worked. Next thing we see is Barbara at Henryís door. Although I am confused with Henry's reaction.

Gwen, Will, Emily, and Paul meet up. Will makes Emily feel good by telling her that she is good for his brother. I agree. I loved her reaction of tearing up.

Finally Chris calls for help.

Barbara goes back to Henry, Yes!


I just wish Lily and Carly would finally figure out it is Lucinda that is behind the deal.

Janet gets angry at Dusty about Blackie. I donít like Blackieís dealings with Craig, but he is good to Janet.

Carly and Dusty tell Jack about Carlyís wearing a wire while pretending to be a reporter. Didnít sit to well with Jack at first, but he came around. I liked that there were blowups between all.

Well, my earlier wish is coming true. Lily is now having an argument about Lucindaís involvement with the debunked company right now.

Lucinda, of course, is trying to say she did it for Lily.

I am glad to see Carly and Jack back on good terms.

Dusty visits Lucinda about Janet and Blackie. He knows Blackie is involved with Lucindaís plan to ruin Craig. And that it hurt Carly and Lily.

I just want this storyline to end.

I am glad Craig was there for Lily after her blowup with Lucinda.

Pay up time for Blackie.

Dusty calls Jack with some news. No proof, but if Jack helps, he can get it. Jack agrees. Dusty isnít really a bad guy overall, just gets waylaid into shady deals. But he is there for friends and family.

Dusty gets kidnapped! I donít like this at all.

Blackie takes Janet to a castle, hmm.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 8/20/10

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