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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth


Luke really looked shocked when Bob asked him to be a board member of the hospital. Paul is beginning to believe Henry, Finally! He interviews a woman but gets nowhere. Bob invites Chris to the meeting. I have no idea why he told Bob no, at first. Then Bob told him whomever gets my position might benefit from it.

Here we go again with Iris lying to her daughter then going into a fake crying act.

Bob got really angry at Chris today. Told him he was disappointed in him.

Now I understand Paulís weariness to believe Henry. He is getting reports of Barbara calling places and ordering things. Problem is she isnít. It is all Iris!


Katie interrupts, is what we have. Now she interrupted Allie and Casey.

Will thinks Henry is onto something and goes with him. I liked Gwen. She really does care for Will.

Chris talks to Reid about his blood test. Reid is worried. I fear things are not good for Chris.

Emily finds Barbara and does nothing but chastise her. Two couples have a night out. Then Gwen and Will see Iris. This is about Babs.


Janet finds Dusty with Lucy. I think Lucy is a brat, and Dusty should just give her the boot and just be with Janet. If Blackie would just go away.

Holden confides in Jack.

Lily tells Carly about there being no factory. Boy, was Carly angry at Lily. Rightly so for getting Craig involved. Jack goes to see Craig and gets angry at him.

Now I see why Billy Warlockís character is so chummy with Julie Pinson's Janet. They are married in real life.

Glad Jack didnít blow up when Carly told him about there being no factory. He told her Holden told him. I am glad he believed her not being involved in the scam.

Loved the chit-chat between Lily and Holden. Lily really gave him some good advice about not marrying Molly if he had unresolved feelings for Lily.

Whao Craig and Blackie threaten each other. This is getting interesting.


Janet catches Dusty with Lucy. I am upset with Dusty right now. I really do think Dusty belongs with Janet. Though from message board I read not many like Dusty and Janet together.

Carly catches Craig and Blackie together and gets angry. Good for her. When Janet and Jack run into each other, he sees she is upset. She tells him she doesnít want to see Dusty ever again.

Lucy and Dusty talk about Janet seeing them sleeping together. Dusty, the jerk, tells Lucy he really doesnít care.

I really donít believe he didnít know the fashion company didnít exist. He is lying through his teeth. Carly knows it. Good for her for telling him off. She even tells him to stay away from Lily. Good work, Carly!

I am glad Lucinda talked to Gabriel. She told him who really cares and that is Lily. And to stay away from Craig. The best advice that lady has given in a long time. Lucy runs into Craig at Lucindaís office. They talk. Craig figures out it is about Dusty.

I am so glad Jack was there for Janet. But Janet needs a reality check. Dusty isnít the one for her as I thought. I think Blackie is though. I donít like the fact that Dusty showed up at the farm to talk. I think there has been enough of that and wrong actions taken.

Lucinda walks in on Craig and Lucyís talk. You could cut the tension with a knife. Then when Craig leaves, Lucy goes for Lucinda about Dusty. That she realizes Dusty loves Janet. Lucy then visits Gabriel. He invites her in. She gives him a present. He really doesnít know what to do with it. I am glad Carly went to Jack with her suspicions about Craigís guilt in the bogus company. I am glad Jack and she are on the right page with this.

Seems the gift Lucy gave Gabriel was something that belonged to his mother. It was a rosary that his mother gave her. She tells him that she is glad to have him as a brother. Even if he is Lilyís son.

Lucinda calls Blackie to her office. He tells her the distraction is being dealt with, hmm. Craig canít get money from friends. Love it! Then he gets a mystery gift from a messenger.

I am so glad Lucy is trying to make Gabriel part of the family. What family it is. I am glad Gabriel spoke up and told her that Lucinda is setting Craig up. Though he told her a lie as to how he knew.

The gift Craig got was a big alarm clock like one of those you can attach to a bomb.

Jack does tell Carly that he believes it isnít all Craig that sabotaged Carlyís company. Carly isnít so sure Jack is right.


Johnny sees the clock and questions Craig. I think Craig took care of it nicely.

I am hating Dusty now. He is such an idiot. And Janet doesnít need it right now with the baby coming.

Now it is Sierra coming down on Craig. Love it.

I donít know what went on with Carly and Jack, but they were both smiling.

Janet and Blackie should make up their minds.

Love it when Lily and Sierra talk sister talk. Like old times.

Hate it when someone, Holden spied on Lily and Holden and only got half the conversation.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 8/13/10

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