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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth

I see a lot happening this week. So far Luke tries to teach Reid some people skills after Reid has a run in with Chris. Now I hope it works. It is going to take time, I see. I wished that Jack and Carly just get this craziness over with and get hitched again. And Parker should stay away from Faith. She in my opinion is bad news. Looks like Chris is staying. That is good news. I just hope Kim doesn’t drive him away. Jack and Carly coming up on Parker and Faith was something. I just hope Carly doesn’t go crazy and push Parker away.  So far so good when Carly speaks up and Parker hears her and gets up along with Faith. Carly spoke to both nicely.

Chris and Katie belong together. Enough said about that.

Poor Chris when Bob told him he offered the Chief of Staff job to someone else. The look on his face was so sad. Loved that kiss Jack gave Carly.

On Tuesday, Chris and Tom had a little talk. I loved the interaction between the two. Hadn’t seen that in a bit. Katie finds a message from Barbara that Henry swears is a code message. From what I read he may be on to something. Glad he is going to Margo about it, even if she is not sure what to do with it yet. Love Margo supporting Katie. I think this is siblings helping siblings day on ATWT. Nice to see it again. Henry is losing it. Thank goodness he was in the hospital when he hyperventilated. Emily receives a call for Paul but keeps it from him. He is not going to be happy. Nice to see more of Margo and Tom Hughes. Paul got back to the woman that called earlier and spoke to Emily. He wasn’t at all happy with what she told him. I don’t blame him. Emily is up to something.

Good “Ole James Stenbeck is back. Even if for a short while. Nothing like putting a fire under Barbara. Henry goes in front of the camera to ask of Barbara’s return was so sweet. Barbara hallucinates when she sees Henry and Paul or James is playing with her mind, again, lol. I liked that Wednesday was mostly about Barbara.

Iris shows herself to both Barbara and Gwen. Now they both have an idea who’s was the one who kidnapped Barbara. Barbara is getting smart. She looked around the storeroom and found a walkie talkie or phone. I couldn’t figure out which.

Lucy visiting the farm on Friday was interesting. Craig making a reservation to Metro was not a good idea. Good thing he saw Lily’s face and didn’t go through with it. Jack’s face was cute when he came home and saw Carly with a dress. She had to explain??

Looks like Holden and Molly are happier than ever. I am glad considering what a prude Lily has turned out to be. And dumb when it figures what she soon will find out. Lily gets a call from France with bad news. Wait until she gets to France…

Snyder/Tenney wedding dinner begins as a poem is read by Abigail, who I am so glad to see again. I liked her. Lily arrives and Carly sees her and they talk about the shipment to France. Lily tells Carly she is going over to investigate. Boy! Will she be surprised! Carly thinks Craig is behind it. Lily defends Craig. Holden sees this. He has his doubts. Glad to see that he still cares.

Oh boy! Janet doesn’t know it but Dusty was in the window looking at the dance between her and Blackie.

Here we go, Holden going off to help Lily.

Seems Janet and Blackie have a misunderstanding about their friendship. I hope that gets cleared up.

Ah, my kind of after party get together is when the last 3 remaining ladies share a carton of ice cream.

Jack tells Carly about Holden going to France to help Lily, who is already there. She is now finding out no factory. Craig arrives shortly after to find out the same.

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Page updated 7/30/10

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