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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth

This week should be interesting. Will and Gwen check out Barbaraís place. Vienna goes into hiding after Henry practically attacks her while asking where Barbara is. I think I am going to love this week. Katie goes to the police station to tell Margo what she knows about Barbaraís disappearance, which is about as much as anyone knows, which isnít much. Will isnít buying it. Which I donít blame him. He even fights with Katie in front of Margo and Gwen. Vienna hid at Memorial in an exam room?  I donít know about this? Especially since Casey found her when he went in to refill towels. I am glad he told someone. But I mean come onÖ When Casey calls Margo, and she comes to Memorial, Vienna is missing. Iris returns! Yikes.

Tuesday started off with a bang, so to speak. Iris is back and you can bet that Will and Gwen will see it to it their daughter never goes near Iris as seen today. It is time that Craig fesses up to what happened in NY with Lily. And Holden is the one to get it out of him.

I loved it when Lily told Lucinda that she closed a deal with Carly.

Looks like I was wrong. The little girl is sitting on Irisí lap. But Gwen isnít liking it.

Gabriel is still a snot nosed idiot.

Iris hints about Barbaraís missing? I donít think Gwen is believing her.

This should be interesting, Jack and Dusty teaming together to find out why Blackthorn is in town. And I really donít know about Lily. I think she is having a meltdown of sorts in regards to Holden and Mollyís relationship and upcoming marriage.

Loved it when Sierra snuck up on Lucinda. That was cute.

Not much going on Thursday. Craig and Sierra talk about what could have been. Lily arguing again with Lucinda about Craig. This time adding Sierra in the argument. It is a wonder why this soap is ending in September??

Well, Lily surprised Holden by showing up. He tried his best to stay cool. Good for him.

And Friday what was with the wedding shower? Who invites the ex? Unless Lily crashed the party?

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Page updated 7/25/10

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