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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth

Henry sees Vienna for who she is, finally! I hope she just takes off. I feel sorry for Katie, though. She is miserable because of this situation with Henry and Vienna. I see a closeness between Craig and Lily emerging. I wonder. Will surprises Jack with a visit. I liked Jack’s face when he saw Will. Then when Will suggested his mom is missing, Jack seemed concerned. Henry gets rid of Vienna, Yes!  I liked Gwen’s talks with Carly.

Lily and Craig doing business together, much less going to NYC, makes me nervous. I hope he doesn’t do what he did to Carly to Lily.

Dusty and Lucinda in partnership of sorts is interesting. I loved what Janet did for Dusty in surprising him with Johnny.

Why do Janet and Carly have to argue all the time? Why can’t they just kiss and make up?

Craig had a flashback of a talk he had with someone being played by Billy Warlock. When did he come on the scene? I must have been in the hospital and having a test during this time.

Now Carly lays it on Jack. She doesn’t want to be rejected again. I don’t blame her.

And I am getting more worried about Bob Hughes.

Thursday was all about Craig for the most part, and now I see Billy Warlock formerly of Days of Our Lives is on here. Seems he is cahoots with Craig.

Lucinda is up to something after being in her car looking at a picture on her cellphone. I wonder?

Seems this character Billy Warlock is playing knows Janet.

I hate to say this, but Vienna is a lost cause. She has hurt Henry, lied to him. Now she wants to explain. I am so glad he is angry with her and is yelling at her today. He wants a divorce. And threatens her with court action. Loved it!

Barbara must be in some dream that has Henry and Katie dressed as a king and queen of heart and Vienna also a queen who exclaims there is only one queen. This is getting too weird.

Will goes to see Margo. Then Katie shows up? I wonder if it is about the same reason as the scene changed as soon as Katie walked into the police station and Margo turned to look at her.

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Page updated 7/16/10

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