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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth

Today centered on whether Liberty was going to graduate High School. I am so glad Parker was there for the good news that she was.

Oh, Lucinda, you are really hankering for trouble. Or causing it. She and Craig are two of a kind. They belong together. As do Jack and Carly. Loved when Janet got the call that Liberty would graduate. Next thing we see is Janet and Liberty meeting at home hugging. Glad Liberty is getting some good news for a change. Also glad that Janet thanked Parker. It was really nice of her.

Poor Parker was crushed when he heard from Carly that Jack had to work. Carly tried to cheer him up by telling him at least  they would be there for Liberty when she graduates. I really think Carly is trying her best to be friends with Liberty and her mom.

Gabriel is hiding something. He tells Jack that Craig should get punished for what he did, yet the look on his face is he is uncertain. What gives here? Poor Parker even thinks Craig didn’t set the fire.

Loved the graduation scenes. I really don’t know about Jack and Carly. They were talking at the start of the graduation ceremony. I think it was about the case. Gabriel gets paid by Lucinda, but  doesn’t want it at first. Lucinda has to talk him into it. Fast talk too. Next thing Gabriel is doing is pocketing the envelope in his backpack.

Liberty really looked good up on the stage giving the Valedictorian speech.

Craig fakes a heart attack then, when a guard tries to help, he escapes. Oldest trick in the book.

Nice little speech that Janet gives about how she and Liberty were welcomed to Oakdale.

Another fight ensues between Parker and Gabriel. I mean come on. Give it a break already. Now Liberty is upset because of the fight. At least Jack, Carly, Janet and Dusty kept their cool. Nice those four could help make Liberty’s graduation a nice one for her. I loved Liberty going to Brad’s grave, but why Gabriel? Well he tells her good bye. She tells him to stay and tell the truth of that day. I agree here.

I liked it when Jack dropped Carly off, and she asked him to stay for coffee. Then getting a call from Janet about Liberty. Glad Carly told him she’d go with him to find her.

Nice move, Craig. Go visit Lucinda and try to strangle it out of her. Thatta Boy!

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Page updated 6/11/10

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