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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth

Now I get it. Gabriel was the product of Craig and a maid. So Craig cheated on Sierra. Now everything is coming together. Why Lily would keep it secret and not try and embarrass Craig years ago is beyond me. I have to go with Lucinda on this one. Craig doesnít deserve any of his kids. All heíd do is steal from them.

Dr Oliverís bedside manner better change for the better soon. He is really beginning to bug me. He has no right to make decisions between Luke and Noah.

Little Johnny is being a pain. I have no idea why. Lucinda is getting ready for another vendetta. Just what this soap needs. I donít blame her though. Craig cheated on Sierra.

I liked that Carly thanked Gabriel for getting Parker off the hook. I still think Parker knows more that he is letting on about Gabrielís attack.

Back to Johnny, I like the fact Janet is trying her best to get Johnny to talk. Jack may have a solution and asks Dusty to bring Johnny to the jail to see Craig. I wonder what will happen there?

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Page updated 5/28/10

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