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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth

Today was mostly about who hurt Gabriel. Well, Craig was at the breaking point of trying to prove his innocence. He actually threw out Margo and Lucinda from Gabrielís hospital room and asked Gabriel who is behind trying to blame Craig for Gabrielís ďaccidentĒ. Meanwhile, Margo is on the other side of the door yelling for Craig to open it. Craig tries to explain he never knew about him. Craig tells Gabriel that if he wants someone to blame, blame Lucinda and Lily. I think Craig might really be trying to get somewhere. Meanwhile, there is some good news for Carly and Parker when Gabriel wakes up.

Well, now we see that Gabriel and Lucinda were in cahoots. Lucinda wanted Craig out of her familyís life and Gabriel has helped. Loved the reaction of Lucinda after Craig was rearrested and carted off, and after she closed Gabrielís hospital door and Gabriel asked her if that is what she wanted in him. Lucinda smiled and told him, ďI couldnít have done it better myself.Ē She had a look on her face that was priceless.  A smile from ear to ear. She is up to something. Now Lily is acting like a spoiled brat again. She wants to see Gabriel. Lucinda doesnít think it a good idea. Lily wins and when Lucinda leaves, Lily visits Gabriel and tells him she is to blame for everything.

Love what happened at the police station. Parker is about to confess and Carly, Jack and Janice barge in and tell him and Liberty that Gabriel woke up and accused Craig of the fire. They tell Parker that Gabriel did say Parker hit him, but that was all. And that he woke minutes after seeing Craig standing over him before losing consciousness again. Now that is something, since it seems Lucinda is staging all of this. Liberty is still upset that Parker lied to her.

Love Janice  trying to help Liberty figure out why Parker lied to her.

I donít get why Lily is talking to Gabriel about his mother and her death from cancer and Craigís abandonment of them. And making a deal to help him deal with it. Loved the head to head of Jack and Craig when Margo and Craig arrived at the station. It was classic showdown. Craig tells Jack he loves Carly and that he would never have let Parker be accused of something he didnít do.  Jack was startled with  that and didnít say a word. I donít know, but I think Craig is really trying to be nice and legit for once.

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Page updated 5/24/10

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