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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth

Well this week was more of the blame game concerning Parker and Craig. Now Parker wants to do the right thing and turn himself in. Carly is furious. Margo is wanting to protect Parker while getting at the truth. I commend both of these women for  doing what they think is right.  

Carly found out Parker wanted to turn himself in and goes to Oakdale PD and makes a scene. Telling Parker, “You’ll confess over my dead body”.  I wonder what is on her mind.

Katie should stay out of Henry’s love life. Also Vienna tried to go after Casey and Katie tried to warn him. I like Katie helping her friends. Also Katie tries her best to get Chris and Alison together. Even making a fight with Chris in the process. Now what is she thinking? And then letting Alison come to their rescue when Katie and Chris are locked in WOAK’s basement. I wonder if Katie will ever get a man for herself again. If she does I am hoping it is Chris. Call me Crazy but that is how I feel. 

Craig, Lily and Lucinda get good news on Gabriel. He is breathing on his own, but still now awake. I am hopeful here. Also Craig tells Johnny about Gabriel. I don’t think that went off too well. Johnny was confused. 

Janet should just marry Dusty. They get along so well. 

Gabriel wakes up again to find Lucinda hovering over him. The look on his face was priceless. 

Also this week Chris and Katie seem to get close. I hope so. Chris visits WOAK. Also Reid is loosing it. He stumbles on a picture of Luke and rush out. Meanwhile Luke is unsure about Noah’s feeling towards him. Give me a break already. Drop this storyline and just make Luke and Noah friends. 

Now Margo plays big sister again in talking to Craig. Telling him he shouldn’t have done what he did 20 years before. 

When Margo and Craig arrived at the hospital I loved Margo and Craig’s reaction to Lily’s announcement that Gabriel is awake.  Now it is time Gabriel talks. 

Loved Janet’s reaction when Jack tells her about Parker confessing to Gabriel’s accident. She agrees to go with him to see Parker. 

Margo questions Gabriel. Gabriel tells him he did see Parker long before the fire. It was Craig he saw just before the fire. I loved Craig’s face. It was like, “What!”  I think Gabriel wants to punish Craig for abandoning him. I think it is going to backfire.

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Page updated 5/21/10

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