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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth

I have to give it to Carly today. She told Jack to go to Janet until after the baby is born. That was pretty generous. But Jack is reading into it and wants to know why Carly is being so considerate of the situation. Then he blows up. Jack trying to convince her that she is the only woman he loves isnít working. So what does Carly do? Throws him out of the house and her life. Bummer!

Love how Margo tries to get Tom to do something. Though in this case it is to represent Craig. Tom refused and didnít back down. Now Tom says maybe to representing Craig. Not quite a victory for Margo.

I love how Parker stood up to Craig.

Now Tom doesnít think Craig started the fire that caused Gabrielís death. Craig, on the other hand, thinks it is Parker, and so does CarlyÖ

Makes me wonder.

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Page updated 5/10/10

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