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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth

All week it has been Jack, Carly, Craig, Janice, Holden, Lily, Janet and her dad.

Janetís dadís funeral ends the week's shows. She sees a brother she hasnít seen in years.

Craig is trying to get Parkerís money.

I feel for Janet. Going home after all those years. Looking in rooms she hasnít seen. She canít believe that her room is the same as she left it. She wonders why her dad would throw her out and then leave her room intact. Then there is Liberty, who meets her aunts, who seem not to care what Janice has been doing all these years and tells Liberty off. Not only does this aunt criticize, but she is downright ugly. I have loved Jack, though. He loves Carly and wants to be with her, yet he also wants to be with Janice because Dusty canít. He is being so supportive.

Back to Craig, when he goes to Carly with another deal, she figures out Parker is the one that put Craig up to it. Then Craig goes further.

Back at Janetís hometown, Liberty tells Janice about her ďso calledĒ conversation with the aunt. I loved how Janice handled it. Telling her that is why she was trying all those years to give Liberty a real family. And Liberty saying she did. That was nice. Seems the only one that is like Liberty is the cousin.

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Page updated 11/17/10

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