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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth
Monday, March 29, 2010

I didn’t like Janet much today. First off she runs off to the hospital after Jack tells her about Dusty’s attack. I just love when Craig and Margo are together. She just loves to get his goat about his dealings, but he knows he needs her help now and then, so lets it blow off. 

Luke and the “good” Doctor Reid get stuck in an elevator at the hospital. They were at each other. Luke tries to intimidate Reid.

I also liked Carly talking to Jack. She is trying to set him straight about them and Janet. That is until Janet walks in on a kiss Carly gives Jack. The look on Janet’s face was as sad.

I have to admit I hate elevators too. I have never been stuck in one (thank God). To see Reid almost freak out made me sorry for him. That is until the elevator started  moving again, and he got off and started acting pompous again. When he goes to tell Janet what he can do for Dusty, he almost brushes her off as a wimpy girlfriend. That even Carly questioned his bedside manner.

At the hospital, Luke and Noah finally say goodbye to their relationship. I am glad it ended this way instead of them fighting and hating each other. I loved the way Craig talked to Johnny about Dusty’s attack. Jack and Margo are close to finding out what happened to Dusty after looking at a tape. And Johnny tells him about a person coming up to him. Craig tells Johnny not to go near anyone he doesn’t know.

Carly was really good today. She was there for Janet. She even offered to check on Dusty’s condition just to calm Janet down. Janet seems sincere in her thanking Carly for doing that favor. I see these two closer to being friends instead of enemies.

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Page updated 11/17/10

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