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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth

This week was pretty slow. But I did get to see Bob give good news to Alison in the form of a promotion. And Bob and Reid discussed the new wing for the hospital. I wonder what Reid is up to. Especially when he told Katie that they are low on funds for the wing. I also loved Alison coming to Chris’ rescue at the TV station. He had been bombing until she arrived and helped out. I also like the fact that Molly is stepping back from Holden to give him space even if he doesn’t know it. Reid being civil to Luke has me wonder what's next...

Looks like Craig is up to his old tricks, using somebody else’s trust fund to further his gain. This time it is Parker. If memory serves me right, the last time it was one of his kid’s trust funds he dipped into. What is wrong with this guy?? Luckily Carly is on to him. At least she went to Jack with her suspicions. Good Girl! Now this is low. Lily wants her daughter to go with Parker to Minneapolis and to make it more strange, offers Lucinda’s jet. Now please, Lily can’t even get her life on track! Now she wants her daughter to go off somewhere. I have no problem with Parker, he is a nice kid, but this is not a good idea. Now Craig has Carly dressing up to mingle with business associates. Jack’s face was priceless; he is not liking this.

Faith is being a spoiled rich kid. This is evident when Parker takes her to see Liberty. I really hope Dusty sees the light soon. He is going to get into real trouble, and Margo or Jack won’t be able to get him out of it. Whatever happened to the sweet “old” Dusty? His dealings with Rocco or Crowe, will get him in serious trouble.

Craig’s dealings with Ellis are going to break him more ways than he can count.

Back at Cedars, Liberty and Parker made plans for when she is discharged from the hospital. I am loving these two. Parker is trying so hard to make Liberty forget her problems even for just an hour. I see that Faith isn’t liking it though. I say,” Well, too bad Faith. I loved it when Jack took Carly back to her place and they thought someone broke in. Jack was in cop mode.

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Page updated 11/17/10

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