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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth

Faith is missing, and Holden and Lily are looking for her. They go to Carly’s after they find out Faith could be with Parker. Lily tells Carly that Molly told them what she knew and why she kept it, which in my opinion was wrong. Lily got angry at Carly telling her that her cousin, Molly was interfering and also telling Faith to keep things from her parents. Carly defended Molly by saying, “She wouldn’t do that.” Which Molly wouldn’t and didn’t.  We know for a fact she told Faith to talk to her parents about  Damian and his hold on her. I feel Lily yelling at Molly was uncalled for. Carly, not knowing Parker is helping Faith, visits him. Carly gives her son a compliment on how grown up he is. I think that was very nice. I really like the fact Faith went to someone to help her. I also like that Parker tried to talk some sense into Faith about  going to her parents, even if it didn’t work. I also liked the lunch scene between Carly and Molly where they talked about everything including Faith. Molly said that Faith needs to talk to her parents. I like that Carly and Molly are close again.

Lily is driving me crazy. She is now saying Faith is taking drugs. Faith can’t believe her mother. Let alone Holden, who tells Faith she is going back to boarding school. It seems everywhere Parker goes he is getting praise for handling the Faith situation. I like his talking with Jack. Jack lets Parker talk. Dusty and Janet are driving me crazy with this baby thing. Holden and Faith are still talking. Holden lets her stay in town. Lily wants a better relationship with Faith, but I think Lily has to work a few things out before that can happen. I don’t like the fact that Lily told Molly to stay out of Faith’s life. I believe Molly to be a good influence on Faith. She did try and get Faith to talk to her parents from the get go.

Jack finding out Janet left town with Dusty to get the divorce and how Carly told him Janet was fine with Dusty was priceless. I loved it. Jack grounded Dusty’s plane. They wind up at Carly’s to tell her. Everyone gets angry at Jack. In the meantime Janet goes into labor. Just love it.

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Page updated 11/17/10

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