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ATWT Opinion Article

ATWT Review
By Beth

This week we saw Chris coming back to Oakdale and almost running over Katie. Also saw that Reid is leaving Memorial. And Bob asks Chris will come back for good to Oakdale and Memorial. I am so glad they got Chris back in town, and the actor playing him was the one that last played Bill Lewis on GL.

I am getting used to Luke and Noah. I have to say I wasnít a fan of them together. 

Barbara catches sight of Vienna and gets scared. Now that is priceless. We also find out that the baby Janet is carrying is Jackís. One way I am happy and in the other I am not. This means that Jack will have a harder time going back to Carly. And the look on Dustyís face, I felt for him. When Vienna runs into Katie and Henry, Katie was happy to see her.  But  Henry wasnít. Which I donít blame him. Vienna left him. Jack telling Carly that Janetís baby is his was sad. Carly figures that out by looking at Jackís face at her doorstep. I feel for both. But knowing Jack heíll stay with Janet for a while to help her then I suppose will split up.

And what Dusty said to Jack was uncalled for. That heíd be a father to Janetís kids and he go back to Carly.

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Page updated 11/17/10

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