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Soap Opera Presents

Written 12/14/03 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

I never get much soap opera stuff for Christmas. (Boo hoo!) But, you can make your favorite soap fan happy if you buy them these gifts.

For soap books, check out this page from The TV MegaSite

There are tons of soap books there, and links to CDs, calendars, and posters!

SoapCity has tons of soap opera gifts--everything from baseball caps to fine glassware with the shows' logos and names on them. They are especially good for CBS and NBC soaps merchandise.

Find Passions and Days of Our Lives merchandise at the official NBC Shop.

Daytime Treasures is going out of business, but they still have some soap opera-related items left for sale.

Soap Sessions CD's are always a lot of fun; they feature soap stars singing songs, including the recent one where they sing Christmas carols. Buy it at

Buy Emma and the GobbletyGoos CD for your kids and help children with retinoblastoma, too. It stars several Days of Our Lives stars' voices.

Several soap stars are selling their own products online, such as Susan Lucci's cosmetics and fragrances (Erica, All My Children), Catherine Hickland's cosmetics (Lindsay, One Life to Live), Jacklyn Zeman's jewelry (Bobbie, GH), Julia Barr's CD (Brooke, AMC), and Kassie DePaiva's CD (Blair, OLTL).
Also, if you buy Barr's CD, profits go to the Fund for Animals.

The Unique Soap Boutique sells many photos, t-shirts, posters and more from the ABC and NBC soaps.

There are also fan clubs for all of the soaps and many of the actors, so if you search around with Google, you should be able to get your soap fan a membership in one of the clubs. Membership usually includes a nice newsletter, exclusive photos, and discount tickets to the annual soap opera events.

Most soap fans love reading the soap magazines, so pick up a subscription for Soap Opera Digest, Soap Opera Weekly, or Soaps in Depth, from Magazines of America!

Have fun shopping, and don't forget to pick me up something while you're there! ;-)

Page updated 2/28/13

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