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My New Year’s Resolutions for the soaps

Written 1/5/04 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

1) Let’s follow All My Children’s example and use existing core cast members (especially older folks), fan favorites, and weave them into stories with younger members, so that the whole cast and the whole family is used whenever possible. People do not live in a vacuum and we don’t want our soap characters to, either!


3) Cut down on shootings, stabbings, car accidents, miscarriages, and kidnappings (especially on General Hospital)

4) Quit firing our favorite soap actors….producers, do whatever you can to make them stay, within reason…we won’t watch if you get rid of our faves. You may not see a difference right now, but in a few years, believe me, you will be wondering why the ratings have sunk even further.

5) Let’s make long-term storylines that actually work, don’t drag, are not convoluted, and actually surprise us. And still make each day a little exciting without sacrificing either common sense or the history of the show and its characters (is that too much to ask? They do it just fine on Y&R).

6) Forget about gimmicks like product tie-ins, shop the soaps, Sexiest man contests, and talent searches on college campuses…let the marketing come from the shows, not the other way around.

7) While I’m at it, forget about “High Concept” stories like psychics, ghosts, and angels…it only barely works on Passions, the lowest-rated soap, and Port Charles (the other supernatural soap) got canceled. If you are going to copy other soaps, why not try copying from Y&R, the top-rated soap for the past gazillion years?

8) Listen to what fans and soap magazines are telling you; I know you can’t please everyone, but you should be able to figure out when you have messed up and fix it.

9) Give us likeable characters and fun stories. Stop with doom and gloom and death and despair. We want romance and love, and people we can admire, not mobsters, murderers, and monkeys! I’m not saying you have to make everything light-hearted and bland, but you can’t have so much death, misery and heartache all of the time without driving away your audience. We want to see characters that we would like to go have a beer with or bring home to mom, as well as the bad boys.

10) Write stronger female characters that don’t have to be rescued by men or whine all of the time about their babies….we want role models for ourselves and for our children, as well as, again, likable characters….

Page updated 2/28/13

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