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Emmy Review - Fashion

By Jillian 5/11/06

There is nothing more loved in my world than award shows.  Not because of the awards per se, but because of the fashion choices.  One awards program that always wins in my book are the Daytime Emmys.  Yes, the Oscars receive more press, but daytime stars are more inclined to push the fashion envelope - whereas the days of Hollywood standouts are pretty long gone (with exceptions to Halle Berry and Gwenyth Paltrow in their award winning years, and to Bjork.  For the goose).  Daytime stars use a little more glitz and a bit more sparkle to create outfits that are fun to watch and even more fun to review.  So I congratulate the award winners and for TVMegaSite, build a list of winners and losers in the fashion realm.


Sydney Penny - She looked fantastic in her neutral gown with the pearl neckline - it complimented her very dark hair and eyes well, and she looked like she could breathe all right, which is a bonus.

Finola Hughes - She had better standout a bit; she hosts How do I Look? on the Style Network!  Her paisley print shift dress fit her to a T and allowed her to stand out amongst the black, gold and neutral shades on the carpet.  She looked great.

Alec Musser - He looked super-toasty in his black and white pinstripe shirt with the gray jacket.  Not everyone could pull this off, but Alec did it justice.

Sharon Case - I just have to say her hair and make-up were perfect.  A little messy and a little natural - loose curls and soft.  Beautiful.

Adrian Bellani - Sharp as a dagger in a black suit with white tie and white shirt.  Crisp, crisp, crisp.

Ok, so who cares that much about who showed up looking their hottest?  The list we drool over is this one -


Judi Evans - Her dress wasn't soo bad...  but it looked a bit too tight, she had a bit too much fabric, and the worst part?  She forget to put on some under-coverage.  It does get cold sometimes Ms Evans, and the camera will never miss it!

Tracey Bregman - In your many years Tracey, what made you this year decide that goldish/olive green sheen with sleeves would be the way to go?  And that neckline??  I have no idea who dressed you, but you and they may want to have a conversation.  About glasses.

Suzanne Rogers - Oh, I get it.  You were celebrating Mr. Hefner's birthday party!  I understand now, the modern bunny look....

Susan Lucci - In head shots she looked fabulous.  I mean, the shoulder showing, the black, the soft fabric...  but then to the all over shot - sort of figure skater gone awry.  I love Susan, but this outfit made her look a bit shorter and could have been a bit more flattering.


Peggy McKay - Sigh.  I know, it must be hard to be a seasoned actress and find an outfit.  But picking something that makes you look like the Las Vegas version of the flying nun is not really the way to go.  And then adding a tie around the whole contraption? 

I love the daytime Emmys, because without outfits like Peggy's and Tracey's, what's the point to watching?  Thanks worst dressed, for making the awards that much more interesting.

Page updated 2/27/13

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