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AMC Top Ten List

Top Ten Things That Will Always Happen in Pine Valley
by Veronica

10. The months of February and November will mean major changes for the residents of Pine Valley.

9. If you have a secret, the whole town will know about the day after you tell someone.

8. Even the simplest medical procedures experience life-threatening difficulties.

7. Anything from a rainstorm to a tornado will end in tragedy.

6. The bride and/or groom will have second thoughts on the day of the wedding.

5. Pregnancies will never last for nine months.

4. A baby's paternity will be questioned at least once in their life.

3. There will always be "dead people" walking around Pine Valley.

2. Kidnappers will be outsmarted by their victims.

And the #1 Thing That Will Always Happen in Pine Valley is...

1. A main character charged with a crime and put in jail will be acquitted within months.

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Page updated 5/21/10

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