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2006 AMC Rumors & Predictions

By Suzanne 12/12/06

Josh has been going insane with everything that has happened to him this year. He has become a serial killer to get back at Zach, Tad, and Dixie, starting with Simone. Perhaps his split personality is responsible.

By Eva 11/14/06

Soap Opera Central reports that AMC is planning to get rid of little used characters by having a serial killer storyline the first two reported victims of the killer will be Terri  Ivens (Simone) and Connie Fletcher (Erin Lavery).  It is rumored that Julia Barr (Brooke  English) may also be killed off and that is how she will leave the show.  The storyline is slated to begin soon.

by Michelle 11/13/06

J.R. will pull through and think that he was pushed out of the window.  Everyone will think that Bianca and Erica is covering for Josh.  Tad and Dixie will get back together. 

By Gisele 7/14/06

Now that Krystal has slept with Tad, she will find herself pregnant and wonder who the father is: Tad or her husband, Adam.

Babe, with her amazing first-aid skills, will save Spike's life and thus get back into Kendall's good graces.

Baby Spike's father will turn out to be Zach! When he engineered the blackout the night Kendall was inseminated, he replaced Ryan's sperm with his own.

The list of people who could have killed Greg includes just about everyone in the cast, except Spike. Working alone or in tandem, the torturer/killer with a motive could be:

Erica, Tad, Jack, Jeff, Joe, Dixie, David, J.R., Jamie, Del, Di, Babe, Zach, Kendall, Ryan, even Colby. Have I left anyone out?

By Gargy and Wolfy 7/11/06

Now that McTrash is gone, ABC will contact me and ask me to write for AMC.

Bianca returns with Miranda and NOT Maggie but with Lena.

The summer will soon heat up so I can watch AMC.

When Kate's paternity comes into question (since Greg, the psycho, helped with Kate's pregnancy and delivery) watch as Dr. Sicko is NOT the father but Dr. David Hayward is!!

By Gargy and Wolfy 6/12/06

Dixie and David marry in Holy Matrimony-till death do them part.

Del falls off the face of the planet.  Like so many other characters: Anita, the most prevalent and current.

By Gargy and Wolfy 5/8/06

Dixie's secret that she can't tell anyone because it'd make matters worse with JR and Tad--she's still in-love with David and had David's daughter, because she had been pregnant with Tad's genderless baby for 3 weeks when she miscarried it and in a depressed state sought out David-had a night of passion-and conceived Kate.

Watch for an extremely short-lived reunion between Kendall and Zach; Kendall will find comfort in Ryan's arms, will conceive Ryan's and her second child that night, and they will marry.

Watch for a Palmer and Opal reunion.

Julia and Josh have an argument to have passionate sex in an empty exam room in the hospital.

By Gargy and Wolfy 5/2/06

Dixie/David reunite, Kate is David's daughter, JR starts attending AA meetings, Kendall/Ryan bond over their son.

By Suzanne 3/29/06

Greg Madden will be murdered in April.  Suspects will include Tad, Dixie, Erica, Josh, Joe, Jack, Kendall, Ryan, Zach, and David.  Practically the whole show.

By Eva 1/27/06

It is rumored that James Scott (Ethan Ramsey Cambias ) will last air sometime in February; speculation is that he will die as a case of mistaken identity, or wrong place wrong time, when Zach hires a hitman to kill Ryan. The hitman will also be involved in the Di Henry story.

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