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2005 AMC Rumors & Predictions

By Suzanne 12/14/05

It's rumored that Dixie (Cady McClain) will be coming back soon.

by Michelle 10/29/05

Ryan and Greenlee will get back together, but when he finds out that Kendall is pregnant with his and her child, it will be the end of their relationship. Babe will fall for J.R all over again, and Jamie won't like it at all.

by iowa-hawkeye-200 10/8/05

Fans want Babe and Jamie back together.  It's rumored that J.R. and Babe will soon be history.  Word is that Erin may be paired with J.R. or David  I think Jamie will save Babe from J.R. but he might fall for Amanda.  Amanda is rumored to go after Josh next.

by Michelle 9/30/05

Reggie and Danielle will get back together. Zack and Kendall will admit their feeling for one another. Erica will find out what Kendall and Greenlee have done, and she will be upset, but she will not tell Jack about it.

by Gisele 9/28/05

While watching Monday's show, it suddenly occurred to me that Josh is Erica's son. Dr. Greg Madden and his wife, Emily, couldn't have children of their own, so when he delivered Erica's twins, he kept the boy, Josh. Therefore, Josh is Kendall's brother.

by Michelle 8/29/05

And the dragon is... Derek. Kendall and Zach maybe be getting a divorce, and Ethan will be there for Kendall in her time of need. Will this last long? He will stick with her even though she is carrying Ryan's baby, or will it be his and Ryan's baby, twins it is.

by Michelle 8/18/05

Di is not Dixie and she is not related to her either.  David knows that she isn't Dixie and he is the one that made it possible for the DNA results to come back  in her favor.  Kendall will become pregnant and she will get Zach to go along with saying the two of them are having a baby.

by Suzanne 8/15/05

Kendall will carry Ryan and Greenlee's  baby as a surrogate.  Ryan will eventually return but things will not be rosy for him and Greenlee.  Ryan will grow closer to Kendall, who is falling for Zach.  Zach will be close to Julia and also Erica.  .

Josh is Erica's song.  His father stole her eggs years ago because he is obsessed with her.  David, Adam, Krystal and Tad will work to expose Di in their own ways.  David, Brooke and Tad will be jealous of Adam and Krystal's relationship.  Something unexpected will cause J.R. to soften toward Jamie and Babe.

One of Dixie's relatives will return to expose Di as a fake and put her in danger.

Petey will be aged and be involved with Amanda.

Reggie will find someone new to love and get over Dani, but will work hard to win him back.  Sam and Lily will continue to have typical teenage problems.  Anita will return and get involved with Julia's problems (Aidan will get involved, too).

Jonathan and Erin will return to Pine Valley to find Ryan.

by Randee 8/12/05

Zach and Kendall are going to finally become husband and wife in every sense of the word because they just can't deny the chemistry they share. Kendall is going to carry Greenlee's baby for her but won't want to give it up because she wants to keep that connection to Ryan all for herself. Mimi's new beau is really the mob boss that Julia is looking for. Dani and Reggie are going to get back together. Babe is going to loose Jamie forever. Adam and Krystal are going to realize they are falling for each other and Brooke is going to stop them before they can go any further!

by Randee 7/26/05

Word is AMC will be testing the chemistry between Cameron Matheson's Ryan and Sydney Penny's Julia, who returns Friday, August 5th. (SOD GRAPEVINE) And since we all love gossip, I heard over the weekend, that Walt Willey (Jack) had a slip of the tongue at Cynthia Preston's (ex-Faith, GH) fan event. Supposedly he implied that Rebecca Budig's (Greenlee) real-life hubby Bob Guiney is out from under ABC (he hosted the promotional spots for ABC Daytime), because Rebecca is no longer with AMC.

Credit: http://p102.ezboard.com/fthenewsnsfrm10.showMessage?topicID=3813.topic

by Michelle 7/24/05

Lily thought she saw a ghost, but there is no ghost at Wildwind. The only person hiding out there is Julia. Reggie will continue to have bad feelings for Danielle, but they will eventually give love another

by Randee 7/24/05

Rumors: Brooke loses out to another new femme fatale when Adam takes a better liking to Krystal… Garrett’s unconditional kindness may be a cover for a very conditional case of pedophilia for Danielle… Ryan and Julia?... Will Ryan find his sister Erin with Jonathan, nursing his wounds?... Another familiar face from the past could just jump out and go, Boo Ya!... Cady McClain (ex-Rosanna, ATWT) reprises the role she originated on AMC by the tail end of this summer, thus relegating Kelli Giddish as nothing more than a Dixie impersonator.

By Randee 7/21/05

Rumor has it that Greenlee and Ryan's marriage goes downhill--fast

Rumors, or is it true, that Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) will be leaving this summer??? Looks like it just might be true.

Bobbie Eakes (Krystal) claims the rumors of her leaving aren't true...we shall see.

By Michelle 6/27/05

Kendall and Zach will grow close and come to trust one another. The end of Babe and Jamie is coming soon. Jamie just won't be able to trust her after all the lies and Amanda scheming to come between them.

By Michelle 6/7/05

Okay, so Di is suppose to be Dixie, but why has she been keeping it a secret? She just recently started to remember and was afraid of what her family would say about her being away so long, or she isn't Dixie and she has someone pulling all the strings to make everyone else believe she is because the real Dixie is being held captive by a woman that has it out for Tad and she wants to see him hurt that way he has left woman standing or should I say laying.

By Michelle 5/29/05

Kendall and Zach will see another side of each other, and it may lead them to true romance. Greenlee is out for blood, and Kendall will be at the top of her list. This will not last for long because she realize that Kendall really did try to stand up for her.

By Michelle 4/23/05

Kendall will accept Zach's proposal, but she will change her mind once she sees the lengths Ethan is willing to go to keep her. Erica will fight to keep Kendall and Ethan apart and Ryan and Greenlee together.

By Suzanne 4/16/05

David will reform because of Di's influence.  He will fall for her, but not Tad.  Maria will need Zach's help to get through to her children.  Erica will become involved with Zach after she marries Jack.  Lily and Sam will start dating. Jonathan is not really dead.  Ethan will work hard to make Kendall forgive him.  He and Zach will reunite.  Ryan will be brought back from the edge of sanity by someone surprising.  Jack and Erica's wedding will be happy and free of any serious incidents.

By Michelle 4/16/05

Di will turn out to really be Dixie.  Kendall will make Ethan pay for not being truth to her.  Ryan will push Greenlee away from him.

By Michelle 3/28/05

Ethan will work hard to bring Erica down, but Erica will beat him to the punch. Jack will be the one to find Braden, and he will learn that Jonathan was original a part of the plan and has just recently decided to back off. Kendall will turn to Jr. for comfort after she finds out that Ethan lied to her.

By Michelle 3/10/05

-Ethan may be the one that killed Edmund.
-Jr. may just get what he is after, Kendall.
-Ryan will leave Greenlee because he feels he has let her down.

By Suzanne 3/9/05

Jonathan has a split personality, so he is the "Braden" that shot Ryan, poisoned Greenlee, etc.  Someone else killed Edmund (maybe Bobby).  Kendall will fear that Ethan is more like Michael than she hoped.  Maria will figure out the truth about Zach (with Aidan's help) and convince him to fight.  She will fall back in love with him, eventually, but not without a lot of grief from her kids.  Adam will help Brooke with her grief, despite the fact that she is angry with him.  Lily will remember who really killed Edmund.

by Sarah 3/2/05

-The one who shot Ryan and killed Edmund is one and the same, and that person is………………………………..Jonathan
-When Ryan learns that Jonathan drugged Greenlee, it won’t be good news for the couple because Ryan will figure that Jonathan needs his help more than ever.
-The undeniable chemistry between Zach and Maria will lead to a steamy romance, and much sooner than Edmund/Maria fans will expect.
-Lily will be the one who fingers Jonathan in the Edmund murder case.
-Jack and Erica’s wedding will bring back a visit from Bianca, who leaves sweet Mimo in Paris with Maggie.
-Ethan will turn evil, which will lead to his relationship with Kendall, falling apart, which will lead to a reuniting of Kendall and Ryan.
-Krystal won’t be in jail for 10 years, and will be out sooner than expected, and she meets a woman in jail, and she agrees to help her bring JR down, so that Babe can have custody of her son, and the plan is successful.
* remember these are just my predictions, not actual spoilers!

by Michelle 2/14/05

Bianca and Maggie will talk out their differences. Bianca being the friend that she is will hold nothing Maggie accused her of against her. Kendall and Greenlee will get the proof they need against Jonathan, but will it be to late for Ryan.

by Suzanne 2/10/05

After Bianca and Maggie leave town, Erica will blame Ryan and possibly Jack.  She will turn to Zach Slater, realizing she has feelings for him and that she was all wrong about him.  Without Bianca to keep his power in check, Ethan will become more and more power-mad and lusting for revenge against Zach. Kendall will not be able to keep him in line until it's too late.  Ethan will ultimately forgive and understand Zach, but it will take a long time.  Jack will feel threatened by Zach and carry on Edmund's battle.  Edmund will leave town after finding his marriage to Maria breaks up one last time.  He will take the kids and leave town to visit Dimitri.  Ryan will help Jonathan get help, even after he finds out that Jonathan was behind both the shooting and the poisoning.

by Michelle 2/2/05

Maggie and Bianca will give love a try after Maggie realizes that Jonathan is just no good for her. Ryan will be devastated when he finds out that Jonathan drugged Greenlee. Ryan will start to have feelings for Kendall after realizing that she has changed and is not all about herself. It will be to late, or will it. Ethan will try to form a relationship with his father. Maria will leave Edmund after she finds out that he paid Bobby to get the goods on Zach.

by Michelle 1/21/05

Jonathan is responsible for drugging Greenlee. He framed Kendall to take the fall. I believe that Jonathan also shot Ryan because he feels that Ryan left him in a bad situation as a child, and he broke the promise they made to one another. Bobby used Edmund to get cash.

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