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2004 AMC Rumors & Predictions

By Christa 11/10/04

I think that Jonathan, Ryan's brother, was the one that shot Ryan and almost killed him! I also believe that Greenlee has a brain tumor and that Kendall is going to be the one, and only one, to save her from more damage! I think that Babe and Jamie will come back (there not going off the show, right?) and I think that everything will be straightened out with the whole stupid baby-switch storyline, but
I still am not too sure exactly who killed Paul Cramer because everyone on that show and OLTL wanted his ignorant butt killed!! I don't think Natalie did it, although I think she knows who did!! I think that Ethan will find out he's a Cambias and Kendall will end up pregnant with his baby!!

By Eric 10/18/04

I think David Hayward will murder Paul now that it's been discovered that David is Babe's father.

By Christa 9/29

This is what I think is going to happen on AMC: I think that baby Ace is going to be Babe and Paul's baby and that we are going to find that out sometime next week! I also think that Babe is going to kidnap baby Ace Friday or Monday when she convinces Kevin to let her take Ace on an outing! I'm anxious for both babies to be back with their mothers and I'm anxious to find out how Bianca is going to react after she told Jamie yesterday that she is sure that Babe has her good reasons for doing the
things that she does and that she loves Babe very much and that she would do anything for her friend and that the feeling is mutual, but what will Bianca's reaction be when she finds out that Babe has kept Miranda from her all this time? That's my question!!

By Suzanne 9/23

After J.R. learns that Bess is not his baby and that Ace is Jamie's, not his, he will be comforted by Kendall.  He will decide not to tread Adam's path after that and try to make amends with everyone.  Ryan's shooter is someone unexpected and has to do with his business, not his personal life.  Adam's heart will be damaged due to David's kidnapping, so he will have to save him.

By Eric 7/12

FYI Eva LaRue Callahan (Maria) and John Callahan (Edmund) are filing for divorce, which makes me believe Edmund will depart the show soon

By Linda 6/30

My prediction for Erica is that, even though she is in detox right now, it wonít hold.  I predict in 6 months time, she is going to be back in detox again and, to go even further on this, it will take her at least three times before she says, ďEnough, I canít put the ones that I love through thisĒ or ďI miss the ones that I love and I want to go back to them.Ē  But, I have a feeling something else, I am not sure, will to happen to her that will land her in the hospital that will seriously injure her that will have Jack fly to her bedside.  She wonít be able to stay away from alcohol and she will be drinking again and again.  Itís going to take a lot more than talking to get her out of this one.

            As for my prediction for JR and Babe, JR is Adamís son and, like father like father like son, if he is on this revenge kick of trying to get Chandler Enterprises back for little Bess, I predict that it will definitely back fire in his face and he will be calling a lawyer and with his fatherís money trying to bribe his way out of jail time, just like his father does.  I have a very strong feeling that his plan to kill Babe will actually be a plan to kill or injure himself.  He already attempted to kill her and it didnít work.  I donít think he is that dumb to try it again.  JR is going to lose his right to a baby that isnít his to begin with and both Babe and JR are going to lose.  But, the thing about this JR is seriously going to wind up in jail and Babe is going to visit her husband in jail or Krystal is going to be visiting the grave site everyday.  I hope for everyoneís sake itís the former and not the latter.

            My last prediction for Kendall is that because she gets Ryan doesnít mean she will want Ryan.  She is the kind of person that gets tired easily so my prediction is that she will get tired of Ryan after a year and go for the now hot and sexy brother Jonathan that has now come into the picture.  There are two brothers that are going after the same girl.  Now, letís see who really is going to truly win Kendallís heart.  Let the games begin. 

By Christa 6/19

I think that JR is going to get caught trying to plant drugs on Babe and that's when she realizes that he is out to get her! I think that, much to Derek and Livia's dismay, Danielle and Reggie start a relationship and that is it on that subject. I read that Ryan and Greenlee agree to end their "marriage" so that he can be with his one true love, but Kendall being Kendall finds another man (Jonathan ) and I feel that Kendall just gave up on the possibility of her and Ryan together again after what he said to her Friday, June 18! He told her that their is no chance of getting back together so I can't blame her for finding someone else, can you? I think that when he finds her in Jonathan's arms, Jonathan by the way is Ryan's brother, I think that Ryan is going to flip out and run to Greenlee and they'll make love, and then Ryan will realize he made a big mistake and try anything to be with Kendall or he'll just give up. I'm not sure- I guess we'll just have to wait and see on that subject!

Back to Babe, JR, and the rest of 'em! I think strongly that Babe will catch on to what JR is doing to her, but will she be to late to do anything about it is my question?! I personally despise what JR has become! I think he's definitely mean as Adam and that their is absolutely no Dixie in him! I can't wait until she drops the bomb on the butthole and tells him that Bess is really Miranda! He will flip out big time!! I think that Bianca will take care of Babe!! Bianca will find out about Bess being Miranda, but Babe will explain why she kept it from her and Bianca will forgive her like she forgives everyone else in her life!! Bianca is almost too forgiving if you ask me!! I read somewhere that they cancelled the search for Rosa, the youngest of Maria's siblings, but I think it may be interesting if JR got together with her and Babe walked in on them! That sure would be interesting to see what Babe does and how she would react to that! I'm not sure whether or not that has changed, but that is just what I read in I think, soap opera digest's new book!! well that is all I got for now

By Christa 6/17

Here's what I predict will happen on AMC in the near future: David finds out he is Babe's father and confronts Babe with the news. He tries to talk her into doing the right thing and give back Miranda to Bianca, but by then it's gonna be too late! J.R.'s gonna sneak divorce papers into the Chandler mansion and tell Babe it's over between him and Babe and that he's taking the baby from her and that's when I feel she's gonna drop the bombshell: Bess is Miranda!! I personally can't wait until Miranda and Binks are reunited. I think, or believe actually, that JR is going to flip out!! He's gonna try to hurt Babe in a major, deadly, kinda way, but David (Babe's daddy) comes to her rescue. Babe is so obviously gonna lose JR, but I like her with Jaime anyway and I think she's gonna go crawling back to him anyhow! Bianca will be reunited with her daughter, but not for long: JR is gonna kidnap her this time! He's gonna end up in therapy for awhile! Maggie and Bianca will get even closer and I believe that Lena's never coming back so I think Bianca is gonna get a call from Lena stating just that and I think Maggie and Bianca will start a relationship. Jaime is going to be mad at Babe about the baby thing, but she's gonna tell him why she kept that a secret (she thought that news would kill JR) and he's gonna end up feeling sorry for her anyway 'cause of how JR is treating her and how Adam-like he's being with the fake wedding and trying to take the baby from Babe when he divorces her that he's gonna end up with her in a relationship! Aidan and Anita are going to be together once she's divorced from Bobby! Kendall is going to make Ryan jealous by going out with his brother, Jonathan, and Greenlee is going to see green when she realizes Ryan will never be over Kendall. But that's just one of my thoughts on this, my other one is this: Kendall is going to fall for Jonathan once she realizes that Ryan doesn't care for her games anymore and Ryan and Greenlee are gonna fall in love with each other (I wish Leo would come back! That would be even more interesting)! Erica goes to rehab after talking with her half-brother and her and Jack finally get married! Greenlee's evil mother goes off the show-oh, that's just wishful thinking! I think Zach is the Michael Cambias' supposedly deceased brother! That's the only reason I know why he'd be with the Cambias' attorneys and why he's soooo interested in Ryan and Greenlee's phony marriage. Anyhow, he's gonna try to investigate so more of their marriage and gets close to the truth, but Bink's gets the baby and the money back and he soon finds out that there's nothing he can do about taking the money from her! He's gonna get involved with Brooke after he goes to Pine Valley and spies on the gruesome twosome. Danielle is going to be a "good girl" now that her mother doesn't want her. That's all I got so far.

By Terri 6/10

Erica comes back to Pine Valley, but doesn't want Jack in her life for right now. She treats him cold. Greenlee and Ryan are finding they are having feelings for one another...Brooke takes the Stage and tells Jackson, how she feels badly for him being treated the way he is by Erica. Terri is running Fusion and needs help!!! Liza is not focusing on Fusion right now, she just wants to get Tad back. Krystal's dirty little secret is exposed about her daughter Babe's baby. Tad decides to give up on Krystal....He just doesn't trust her anymore!!! Bianca finally, gets her baby back and is now dealing with the fact that Maggie is showing feelings for her. Kendall is still grieving over Ryan and wants to tell him just how she really feels. Sound like the Summer is going to HEAT up in Pine Valley. Stay tuned.....

By Suzanne 6/10

Anita and Aidan will have a romance; her mother, and Bobby, will not approve.  Erica will end up going to a mental institution to deal with her rape issues.  Jack will get back together with Erica, but Lily will be a problem in their relationship (as will Greenlee).  Reggie will have to rescue Lily from a predator.  Reggie, Danielle, Maggie, Jamie, and Lily will become a fun group that has a summer adventure.  Livia will get involved in their adventures.  Jamie and Babe will end up together, raising their child (which is Jamie's, not J.R.'s).  Tad will fall in with Liza after Krystal's lies are revealed.  David will console Krystal but she will be taken with Zachery.  Bobby will lose his job and return to Pine Valley.  He will be suspicious of Zachery's intentions.  Zachery is the true Cambias heir.  Maggie will help Bianca raise Miranda as they fall in love.

Page updated 10/18/10

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