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2002 AMC Rumors & Predictions

8/24 by Nick

*Anna will lose the baby.

*Maria's return will break up Brooke and Edmund's marriage.

*Brooke will lose it and have a nervous breakdown; Laura will return.

*Amanda Dillon will return to Pine Valley.

*Erica and Chris won't make it as a couple.

8/20 by Glynis

Bianca and Maggie have been spending time together.  

Bianca still can't push her feelings aside. She feels that maybe she just has residual feelings for Frankie, but the truth is that the feelings that she has now are for Maggie.  

Every time that Maggie and Bianca are together, Bianca fights the closeness fearing that she will frighten Maggie again like she did once before.  Maybe Bianca shouldn't be fighting her feelings for Maggie, as Maggie has started feeling for Bianca.  

The Prediction is that Maggie is going to come to realize that Bianca is someone that she would like to have a sexual relationship with.  She has gotten rid of Trey and even though she likes Tim, there is still something about Bianca that peaks her interest.

8/17 by Glynis

Trey and Kendall are twins and they both had Richard Fields as a father!

8/13 by Suzanne

I think Leo will run off to look for Vanessa's money (possibly on a fake trail planted by Trey) and not come back.  He will "mysteriously disappear".  Vanessa will get off due to her DID (multiple personalities) and will eventually be integrated into one, kind person (but not boring), who is most like 'Nessa.  She will regret not getting to know Leo before he vanished (although they will have one touching scene together before he leaves), so she will try to get to know David.  David will not be amenable to this, at least at first. 

We will find out that Vanessa was also raped by Richard Fields long ago and that's how she got her DID.  Erica will share a moment of bonding with her over this.  Erica's world will be rocked when she finds out that Trey is Fields' bastard son.  It will affect her marriage to Chris, although they will survive.  Kendall will of course use this knowledge to get under Erica's skin.

Kendall and Aidan will get together, but what keeps them struggling is that she's working against Erica and he's working for Erica.  She works with Greenlee to bring Erica's company down and they do win some battles.  Aidan has a secret: he's really royalty (perhaps a Marick?).  This will only make him more attractive in Kendall's eyes but she won't be happy that he gave it all up and isn't interested in going back.

Greenlee will throw herself into her work to get over Leo's leaving.  She will become good friends with Vanessa.

Jack will continue to give Anna a hard time.  She will become interested in his past with Mary and will investigate it.  David has his own reasons for wanting to keep "Maureen" from Edmund, besides just getting revenge on him, Brooke, and Tad.  Anna will not be happy to find out what David did.  David will not be happy to find out that Aidan is interfering in his plans, either.

Some woman will feel sympathy for Trey when they find out that Fields was his father and then he was dumped into a horrible foster home (possibly Mia?).

7/20 by Johnny

Kelly Ripa (Hayley) may be leaving this fall.

7/16 by Suzanne

I think Edmund and Maria will find their way back together, but it will be a rocky battle and they will never get back what they once had.  Brooke and Tad will remain friends but nothing more.

Leo will be shot and killed trying to save Greenlee.  She will become a nicer person as she grieves.

Dixie will never return!

Adam's plan will be found out by Liza and/or Marian.

Page updated 4/20/14

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