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AMC Character Descriptions


PLAYED BY:  Ben Jorgensen (1996 - July 1998)

Kevin Sheffield’s Story

After dining out with Palmer, Kevin returns to Cortlandt Manor where Opal peppers him with questions about all aspects of his life. Though Kevin pleasantly answers, Palmer urges him to protect his privacy. As Kevin and Kelsey take tentative steps towards repairing their friendship, Palmer warns Opal to butt out and let the kids handle things by themselves. Overhearing their argument, Kevin and Kelsey wonder what they can do to help ease the tension between the Cortlandts, but first Kevin needs to know Kelsey's feelings toward him. Kelsey explains to Kevin that she's been avoiding him on campus because she's uncertain how to act around him. Admitting they miss their connection, Kevin and Kelsey agree to renew their friendship and hug each other warmly. Opal witnesses the display of affection but manages to keep silent. When Scott comes looking for information on Laura, Palmer chastises Opal for bringing a trashy tabloid into his home in which Laura plays a feature role. Palmer again takes his wife to task after Opal makes some thoughtless remarks to Scott about Laura's photos and orders her not to bother Brooke or call Phoebe with her concern and add to the town's gossip mongers who are ready to judge Laura. In an effort to help Opal understand Brooke's feelings, Palmer reminds his wife that she once put her own daughter in a similar position when she made Jenny work at Foxy's. Hurt, Opal agrees to engage her brain before running off her mouth but wonders why Palmer has been so impatient with her. Claiming he just hasn't been sleeping well, Palmer kisses his glum wife on the forehead and turns in early.

A gloomy Scott explains to Hayley that he and Laura are no longer an item, since she decided to break it off for good. Kelsey and Kevin persuade Scott to stop moping over Laura and join them for a Halloween bash at the lake. After refusing to leave with Gillian, Scott downs too many beers too quickly, then hits on a scantily-clad Kelsey when Kevin walks a bored Gillian to her car. Scott (to Kelsey): "I never noticed what a great body you have."

Caught off guard by Scott's aggressive advances, Kelsey advises him to sober up and stop acting like such a jerk. Kevin is forced to intercede when a drunken Scott gets rough with Kelsey and finally subdues his friend who gives up the struggle and takes off. Determined to save their friend from himself, Kelsey and Kevin look for Scott then take their inebriated pal to the emergency room to dry out under the watchful eye of a health professional, Jake, who thinks Scott's lucky he vomited before he passed out rather than after and didn't get behind the wheel of a car.

Palmer returns home with Kevin. Leaving the men to discuss business, Opal again asks Kevin for his forgiveness, but he admits he isn't ready to let her off the hook for her betrayal, because she should have known better. After Opal confides that she just didn't want Kevin to be as "different" as she used to be and feel the slings and arrows of disapproval, she admits she foolishly concocted her own romantic fairytale where everyone would live happily ever after. When she promises not to ever presume to know what's best for him, Kevin relents and forgives a grateful Opal. Opal (to Kevin): "I committed the sin of thinking that I knew what would make you happy better than you did, and I've learned my lesson, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart."

Feeling drab next to the exotic Gillian, Kelsey suggests to Kevin that they both need to get out of their rut and back into the deep end of the dating pool, but he only has eyes for the princess, claiming it's just out of morbid fascination.

Kevin tells Kelsey he's taken the plunge and made a date for coffee with Richard, who no longer likes to be called Rick.

At Holidays, Laura informs Scott she's planning on leaving Pine Valley by the first of the year, because she has decided to make a fresh start in Boston and has already lined up a job at a youth center there. After wishing Laura well, Scott commiserates with Kelsey about facing another New Year's Eve without a special someone by their side. Kevin convinces Kelsey to consider asking Scott to the New Year's Ball at Wildwind, but Kelsey fears for her pride and her dignity.

Working this Christmas at the hospital, Ruth and Joe miss not having one of their old family Christmas gatherings. But the gang (comprised of Brooke, Kelsey, Kevin, Tad, and Jamie) arrive shortly to bring Christmas to them. Jake invites Allie to the Martin shindig at the hospital and promises not to mention David. In gratitude, Allie gives lucky Jake the gift of lips. Palmer is very pleased when Opal gives Kevin a very welcome surprise visit from his mother, Judith. The two share a very heartwarming moment.

Kelsey drags a protesting Kevin along as she shops for a new evening gown for the Crystal Ball, which they will be attending together. After letting Kevin off the hook, Kelsey runs into Gillian who wastes no time in suggesting she is a postadolescent reject desperate for a date in a cute way. Irked that Scott shelled out big bucks for Gillian's gown, Kelsey accuses the princess of exploiting her friends and, in effect, allowing Scott to buy her services, which makes her tantamount to a call girl. Gillian realizes that Kelsey wants to be with Scott, but Kelsey insists she and Scott are just friends. Admitting that she has no real friends in Pine Valley, Gillian extends an olive branch to Kelsey. When Kelsey declines the offer, judging her as too self-absorbed, Gillian immediately lashes out with insults and heavy sarcasm, making digs at Kelsey's looks and her "pear-shaped figure." Following her unpleasant encounter with Gillian, Kelsey charges a $750 dress to her grandmother's account which shocks Kevin who didn't think Kelsey's such a slave to fashion. Gillian (to Kelsey): "You don't have to worry about Scott. I don't want anything from him. I don't need his money. The Andrassys are perfectly well endowed."

While playing with the Amazing Devlin's props, Kelsey accidentally handcuffs herself to the magician's trunk causing the first real moment of sexual chemistry between her and Scott. After Scott and Kevin rescue Kelsey from the handcuffs, Kevin quietly congratulates his friend on finding the perfect way into a man's heart. Dreamy-eyed, Kelsey thinks all things happen for a reason, and she's now being hit by a blinding insight. Her new mission is to save Scott from "Princess Poutface," the money-grubbing Eurotrash leach who will suck him dry and leave him cold." Kevin (to Kelsey): "Handcuffs? Now, that's a new angle. I wish you had told me about it. I don't know. Maybe I could've cuffed Richard to his parking meter -- or better, to his locker at the gym. Oh!"

After confiding that she cares for Scott and wants to make sure Gillian will not be around to get her hands on him, Kelsey confesses to an appalled Kevin that thanks to her call to the Immigration Service a certain Hungarian princess is about to be deported. Reminding her how wrong her schemes of the past went, Kevin persuades Kelsey to call them back and tell them she made a mistake, but it's too late -- an Immigration Officer arrives at Holidays and informs Gillian that she will be deported. Kelsey (to Kevin): "It's hopeless. Scott's about to become a hood ornament to a royal tank."

At Holidays, as Kelsey and Kevin look on, Scott leaps to Gillian's defense when she faces harsh questions from an Immigration official.

At Holidays, Kelsey pesters Kevin for advice about how to handle the humiliation of Scott's rejection, since she's still torn about him. As Kelsey hides and eavesdrops when Scott arrives, he confides to Kevin how much he likes their mutual friend and how rattled he was by her declaration of love. When Scott wonders if Kelsey could have meant what she said when she told him that she loves him, Kevin asks Scott what he would do if Kelsey really did love him. Even though Scott insists he's marrying Gillian in less than two weeks, he admits to having feelings for Kelsey whom he finds very attractive. Ordering Scott not to move, Kevin goes to get Kelsey and tries to persuade her to speak to Scott. Reluctantly approaching Scott, Kelsey confesses she lied about loving him as an act of desperation to keep him from marrying tacky, but Kevin interrupts and accuses her of lying. Kevin takes a tough stance when he declares that Scott and Kelsey care deeply about each other and will have to deal with it.

While Scott is checking out tuxedo styles with Gillian, Kelsey tells Kevin that she has given up and will be joining a convent because Scott is going to marry "the royal hoochie" no matter what.

July, 1998
Kevin was last seen scurrying about outside helping rescue people after the 4th of July Explosion at Holidays

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Updated 3/5/14

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