AMC Best Lines Monday 6/17/13

All My Children Best Lines Monday 6/17/13


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Zach: [Sighs] Whoa! Take it easy, "Charlie's Angels." Put that down. It's just room service.

Lea: What were you gonna sneak out under the cart?

Zach: Not a chance.

Opal: Oh. Well, don't you look like something the cat dragged in? Well, actually you are something the cat dragged in, and I want to know what you're up to.

Colby: Excuse me?

Opal: I know your type, honey. Runs in your family, always working an angle.

Colby: I'm not working Pete if that's what you're implying.

Opal: Oh, really? Been in town less than five minutes -- already in his bed.

Colby: And that's your business why, exactly?

Opal: He's my son, and that is reason enough. I remember all those days in high school when you couldn't give my Petey the time of day. And now that he's a hot shot with a fancy car and a fat wallet, well, you're giving him a heck of a lot more than just time.

Colby: I like Pete. Always have.

Opal: You like Pete's money.

Colby: I'm not some gold-digger.

Opal: Well, I hear you Chandlers aren't doing so hot these days. Why not hitch your caboose to the Cortlandt gravy train?

Colby: [Scoffs] The way you attached yours to Palmer's?

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