AMC Best Lines Monday 6/3/13

All My Children Best Lines Monday 6/3/13


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Billy Clyde: If anyone moves in on my territory and threatens my business, I am gonna check them out. I got every right.

Lea: So you admit to running the same kind of business as the Koslovs?

Billy Clyde: I do not admit to any shenanigans. No-oh. Them heathens deal in the peddling of flesh. I provide a cervix -- uh, a service, I said "service" -- like a manicure or a pedicure or a facial. Only I deal in the loneliness of the heart. Oh, yes. And there's nothing -- nothing more likely to contribute to a lonely heart than a cold, empty bed. And if I have a beautiful young lady that can provide some horizontal refreshment and bring a smile to the soul, have I not done my best --

Zach: Well, the difference is that I run a clean business.

Billy Clyde: [Sighs] [Chuckles] I'm sure your lady friend hopes you're telling the truth.

Lea: I'm not his lady friend.

Billy Clyde: [Chuckles] Oh, please. Listen, I have ridden the rodeo in male and female entanglements, and I understand that, uh, I can scent a definitive chemistry that's boiling up betwixt the two of you. [Giggles] I wish you all the best in sorting everything out. And since I have done God's work here... Please kick Satan where it hurts. And remember, since you have nothing to hold me on nor an issue of tissue, I will bid you both a fair adieu and adieu. [Puts on his hat and rubs his nose]

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