AMC Best Lines Wednesday 5/15/13

All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 5/15/13


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Zach: I knew there was something special about you when I met you last night, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Actually, I wasn't supposed to put my fingers on it -- house rules.

Lea: Apparently, you didn't hear me before. You're under arrest.

Zach: For what? Enjoying the view?

Lea: It has to do with Mr. Slater being a person of interest in my case.

Jesse: Okay, can we just sit down? I'm sure we can straighten this all out.

Zach: That's a good idea. Come sit. Jesse, it's funny. I've had strippers pretend to be cops before. I've never had a cop pretending to be a stripper.

Lea: Well, according to headquarters, this just became my case.

Zach: Congratulations. Just you, or is Scooby and the gang coming down?

Lea: Okay, just because I throw on a G-string and swing on a pole doesn't mean I'm not good at my real job.

Zach: And I didn't mean that. I just -- what I was saying was that you were really good in a G-string on a pole.

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