AMC Best Lines Wednesday 8/1/07

All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 8/1/07


Provided By Gisele

Ava: Yeah, Jack, I'm not perfect. I admit that I've made some mistakes. But you know what I never tried to do? I never ran my car off a cliff while trying to snatch a baby. That's impressive. How is your daughter, anyway? You must be so proud.

Kendall (to Ian): And Zach -- well, yeah. He'll teach you some pretty neat tricks, too. Let's see, like how to win an argument without ever raising your voice. How to get your point across without ever saying a word. And how to look good, even when you haven't shaved for weeks.

Jack: Greenlee? Hey. What's going on? Aidan called -- said you -- said you needed help.

Greenlee: People have been saying that for years.

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