AMC Best Lines Wednesday 2/21/07

All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 2/21/07


Provided By Michelle

Josh: Well, you were completely out of it when you first came to, Babe. It's no big surprise that your memory's a little hazy. You even went off on poor Wendy, thought she was the killer.

Babe: I guess I was out of it. Ok. My bodyguard Max is -- Max is --

Josh: No, he -- he's fine.

Babe: He's ok?

Josh: Yeah, he's going to be fine. Listen, Babe --

Babe: Yeah?

Josh: Your numbers are improving across the board, but you're still in critical condition.

Babe: But you're not a doctor anymore.

Josh: Don't you remember? Wow, you must've really been out of it. I told you last night -- I reclaimed my stethoscope.

Babe: Because of me?

Josh: Does that surprise you? I'm the guy that sold lipstick so we could spend more time together.

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