AMC Best Lines Wednesday 12/27/06

All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 12/27/06


Provided By Michelle

Sean: Aren't we a little old to be making snowmen?

Colby: It's an ironic statement on the winter clichés.

Sean: Yeah, that's us -- all about biting seasonal commentary. You know, you really -- you really blew me away. Hey, you totally pulled off the whole Erica and Uncle Jack love connection. How'd you know?

Colby: I didn't. It's called covering. I'm a pro -- I do it all the time. L word -- not a clue. My mom ran away with me, and my dad tried to hunt her down like a criminal. Does that sound like love to you?

Sean: You all up in my face like an expert. You're good.

Colby: I rock. Who knew? Love really can work.

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