AMC Best Lines Friday 7/28/06

All My Children Best Lines Friday 7/28/06


Provided By Michelle

Zach: Fog like that and the guy's right on me.

Jack: What kind of idiot slows to a crawl in fog like this without en putting on their hazard lights?

Dixie: I bet it's some diva, always in a hurry.

Erica: Probably some idiot with no life and nowhere to go and thinks he's the only one on the road.

Zach: Jackson. Drive much?

Jack: Well, I did, Zach, until you wrapped my fender around my tire.

Zach: That's driving 101 -- don't tailgate anybody. Come on.

Erica: Marriage 101 -- don't drive around in the dark with a woman who's not your wife.

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