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AMC Articles

Random Thoughts, Questions, & Ideas
By Patti G

I was thinking last night how certain storylines are going to be written. I would be interested in what you think and any idea you might have.

David: When we left off, David had sort of been given a reprieve by people for “bringing back to life” Dixie, Stuart, and Zach. David also restored Angie’s sight which brought them a respect for each other. He also had found out that Cara was pregnant with his child. Now 5 years later, are he and Cara together? Did she have the baby and what part does David have in their life? His research would be big medical news. Has the world been told about what he can do or is it be kept a secret?

Zach: While I am thrilled to have TK back on the show, how are they going to explain Kendall not being there? I would have said that she and the boys are with Bianca in Europe, but Bianca is going to be back in PV. Zach is not the type of father who would be separated from his boys, nor could I see Kendall giving the boys over to Zach.

Opal: When last we saw Opal, she had married an old friend, Sam Brady. Will she still be married; and if so, will they be casting her husband?

Adam and Brooke: Adam had asked Brooke to marry him on the last show. Did they get married? What is Brooke up to, running Tempo?

Miranda and AJ: I have wondered how the kids on the show would be when they got older. When the show went off the air, there were the following children: Miranda, AJ, Miranda’s sister, Gabrielle, Emma, Kathy, Jenny, Trevor. Anyone have ideas on how those returning might turn out?

Well, that is all I have this week. I am really interested in any of your comments or thoughts on the new storylines and character updates.

Well, that’s about all for now. Have a great week.

I would love to hear from any of my readers.

Patti G


Read all about Patti's visit to AMC's NYC studios on 8/17/09.

Page updated 3/15/12

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